Technically- a twofer….

To Watch: Ok- Here are my shows: Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Will and Grace. Modern Family (I like sit coms) and This is Us.  I am going to try A Million Little Things.  Will discuss any of these any time you want

To Listen: Obsessed with “A Star is Born Soundtrack” especially “Shallow” and “Is that All Right”

To Do: Apple Picking.  We prefer Apple Dave’s Orchard in Warwick NY. There was not as big a selection this year, and is was so muddy my sneakers are toast, but the apples are outstanding.  Don’t ask me what variety- they’re red and yummy. And made a delicious pie.

To Watch: “The Wife” Amazing Glenn Close performance.  Well done all around

To See: The Museum at FIT- exhibits. “Fashion Unraveled” and “Pink: The History of Punk, Powerful, Pretty Color” Both exhibits amazing (come on- they’re fashion) Pictures to follow shortly

To Read: “Little Fires Everywhere” Celeste Ng Good book.  Good author.  Interesting handling of subject matter.  I think it would be a good book club book.

To See: I love short films, which can normally only be found at Film Festivals.  I attended NYFF at Lincoln Center and saw Program 2, which was a screening of five short films, followed by a Q and A with Five of the directors.  My fave was “Key. Washer, Coin” by Alan Segal.  I think short films are the most innovative things in film.  When done well, they are thought provoking and mesmerizing. I also saw “Words, Planets”, “Life after Love”, “I Hope I’m Loud When I’m Dead” and “The Air of the Earth in Your Lungs”

To Do: Escape the Room- Escapegames.  John Doe.  Our neighbor was apparently a serial killer.  Good thing is, we escaped the room with literally no time left.  I don’t care.  We did it. I love these things.  There’s a subscription box that sends you a puzzle box every month so you can do these things at home. I covet this gift.  And I don’t ever covet gifts.

To Read: “The Story of Arthur Truluv” Elizabeth Berg This was just a sheet story.

Reality: College marketing has now extended to University students calling prospective students and leaving voicemails.  My daughter has received a lot.  She couldn’t figure out one of the colleges on one of the voicemails though.  She thought it sound like “S&M” school and was wondering exactly what list she was on…When I listened to the message I realized that it was “F&M” as in Franklin and Marshall… So there you go…

22 thoughts on “My Week in Review October 7

  1. Big Bang was an all time favorite show but I think it’s a good thing that this is their last season. It has a sort of “I’m tired of trying and we’ve already shown you the best stories we could muster” feeling to me anymore. It has been a slow demise. Time to let this one go.

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    1. Oh, I forgot about the Reality topic… just wait until she becomes an alumnus of one of those colleges and she (and you) continue to get fundraising letters, emails, and student calls for years to come asking you to send in your dollars. It also doesn’t help when you have two kids who chose the same college! The requests never stop, even after you ask over and over 😦

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  2. I never watched Big Bang when it first started but now they have reruns for hours at a time so I’ve managed to catch most of them. I really don’t watch that much TV and would rather be crafting but sometimes I sit in the living room to be with my husband for a while 🙂 I color while I watch so it’s not so bad – LOL

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  3. This post made me smile. My DVR has all the same shows minus Big Bang Theory which I’ve never watched. Did you like Arthur Truluv? I enjoyed it and have sequel which hasn’t been released yet as an ARC on my iPad. I love Elizabeth Berg.

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    1. Oh I didn’t know there’s a sequel!! I thought it was a charming relationship story that gave a positive spin on life and the unexpected surprises that come along the way!

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      1. I asked for the advanced reader copy not realizing it was a sequel so I read Arthur Truluv first. It’s a very sweet book and the sequel is good (so far) too. I believe the release date is November.

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    1. I haven’t seen Murphy yet, but here’s my will and grace take. The show doesn’t have the characters changing. I think all characters no matter what must show some evolution in thought or actions. I think they’re replaying old jokes. Now, I’m hoping this season has the characters developing in new and different ways. That said…8 think all four of them are outstanding actors, and I watch because they’re talented and there’s chemistry….but yeah…I’m not bowled over….

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      1. I don’t know how they can not know! The jokes are horrible! I’m funnier! I mean, they’re not even jokes….they’re bland statements made with odd facial expressions!

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