Stress seems to be the word of the day around here…I’m reaching for some gratitude

  1. Big Bang Theory- this show makes me laugh.  I need laughter…
  2. David Wright- Our Captain made his final appearance last week.  My daughter was wore “5” during her softball years…One of my all time favorite Mets
  3. About 14 years ago, I was in a department store with Husband, Daughter and MIL.  As usual, my MIL was telling me how to do something and how I had to listen to her.  While we were on a line to pay for something, and she kept hounding me and I kept, politely, telling her that I was going to do it my way, MIL asked the woman behind her on line- “Don’t you think my DIL should listen to me and do it my way?” to which the woman replied, “I think your DIL looks like a capable person and if it were me I would never tell her how to do anything.  It’s up to her to make a decision on her own.” Which shut my MIL up but good.  This is another person who I never got to properly thank, but I am eternally grateful to this woman who had my back even though she didn’t know me, just heard my MIL in action.
  4. handless tea mugs
  5. friends- I can not say enough how much my friends mean to me.  When life gets crazy it’s good to know I have people who make me feel good and make me laugh
  6. subways running on time
  7. “A Star is Born” soundtrack- seriously in my head
  8. ease depositing checks in an ATM
  9. nice October weather
  10. buying tickets for things in advance

27 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday October 6

      1. I remembered something from our store for 2 years before letting it go. I even tracked the progress of this customer just to see if life will bite them back and eventually it seems it did. A lesson learned: payback does happen and sometimes it is best to move on.

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      2. I do believe that if a person is not open to you or able to show empathy: this will follow them in other situations. And in this case, it did and eventually her store closed and now they are unable to sell an overpriced lot.

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  1. I have to remind myself of the things I need to be thankful for too, on occasion. Big Bang Theory is also one of them. 🙂 We recently discovered this show, which is great, because there are now years-worth for us to watch. Happy day! 🙂

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