As happens with fall, things get busy….

  1. Some of you may know about my big bag of too be shredded.  Well, I was making headway on this, until I jammed my shredder.  Have been unable to unclog it….yeah…good times…
  2. Feast of San Genaro- most states, including my own, have state fairs.  Nyc boasts no such cow beauty contest, but we do have a 10 day street fair honoring San Genaro.  Basically, it’s food…

    3) We have a lot of University Clubs in the city- My daughter was invited to a meet and greet at one of them.  Luckily, she had a plus one…I admit, I liked the whole wood paneled, leather chair by the fireplace atmosphere…is it wrong that I want her to get into the school just so she can eventually join the club and I can go along as her guest?
  3. “White Boy Rick” movie in theaters. I thought this movie was excruciatingly slow….I mean, almost painful.  And I couldn’t figure out if the accents were Detroit, or I don’t know where….but…my movie friend J liked it way more than me, so I guess it’s a toss up…
  4. “The Mystery of the Three Quarters” Sophie Hannah, writing Hercule Poirot novels in the Agatha Christie Series.  I love Christie.  I think the Hannah series is fine, but she misses a little bit of the Christie cunning….but enjoyable…
  5. I got my haircut- it’s basically the same bob that I always get, but my hairstylist made it a little funkier- a little change up for the fall
  6. College Counselor meeting- my daughter had her second and final one on one.  She feels good about
  7. the college application process, which makes me feel good.  I’ll tell you how it’s going on October 15 when her application must be turned into her counselor for review for the Nov 1 submission date…
  8. Because NYC is all about the food, there is a month long food fair known as Madison Square Eats….I forgot to take pictures, but my daughter and I shared a delicious pepper and cheese enchilada, and on another day,  some sort of Turkish sandwich called an Enfes, which is basically a very thin breadish wrap, filled with falafel, hummus and veggies….messy but good.
  9. “Little Women” reread for book club. I love this book.  I have loved this book for a million years.  And I got to share it with my amazing tea book club!
  10. “Jack Ryan” TV- Amazon Prime. I thought this was a pretty good go at the Jack Ryan character- not Harrison Ford, but enjoyable
  11. “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society” TV- Netflix.  I loved the book, and I love Lily James (and there’s Matthew Goode too) but I was actually a little disappointed in the film version.  I guess it’s a hard book to film, because of it’s nature…but I wanted it to be better
  12. Have been having issues with new version of WordPress that came out the other day.  Anyone else feeling my pain?

Have a great week!!!



36 thoughts on “My Week In Review 9 /23

  1. I have to agree……The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society Netflix movie was a little disappointing. It’s been a long time since I read the book though. So I wasn’t sure if my memory of the book was heightened when I saw the title on Netflix.

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    1. It’s been a long time since I read it as well, but I do remember recommending it to people, which I never do, so I’m assuming I really did like it….


    1. I’m having trouble seeing who has liked my posts on my iPad…I’m only seeing the most recent like. Also, my notifications are taking a long time to come up. Wasn’t sure if anyone else had this issue

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  2. Wow, I miss the festival. That was fun. We have many foodies here in Florida also. I know why my mom who grew up in NY was such a great cook! Your daughter’s year is moving along nicely. I wrote about spam issues but as far as I can see I am not the only one experiencing some weird which had me questioning things.

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  3. Ha, this made me laugh because my former NY in-laws all used to laugh at my (flat) Michigan “accent.” To me, it’s not the same to a strong Queens or Bronx one, but if you’re from a certain place then there is no accent to you, of course. 😉

    There was a time when women and girls weren’t even allowed to enter those university clubs. So no, it’s fine for you to have your indirect wishes through her! – Marty

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  4. I haven’t noticed anything with Word press since I got home from a quick vacation and am back at my computer, but I had some problems when I logged into my blog on my I-Pad. I couldn’t comment on other people’s blogs or like anything for a while, although it did recognize that I was the author of my blog and let me see my stats and edit my work. Very weird…usually it’s one or the other.

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    1. Ive been having trouble with notifications. I can’t always see when someone commented or liked. And I’m crashing way more than normal. I hate when they upgrade because it’s always twitchy

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