Another Week…Lots of my mind this week…

  1. I haven’t talked about music much, but as the past seven days was contemplative, I listened to a lot more.  Music calms me and helps me think things out. My playlist included The Allman Brothers, The Everly Brothers, Florence and the Machine, Scheherazade, Beethoven Symphony NO. 7 in A Major and Kacey Musgraves.  Ear worm goes to “Say Something” by A Great Big World
  2. “Before We Were Yours” Lisa Wingate This is my book club pick for this month.  I know this is on the NY Times Bestseller list, but I thought it was average at best.  But, I do think it will make good discussion, which is the point of using it for book club.  Now if I can only come up with questions.
  3. “Juliet, Naked” movie in theaters.  Romantic Comedy.  Not sappy and trite.  Sort of brilliantly done.  Based on a Nick Hornby book.  Ethan Hawke and Rose Byrne.  Love.
  4. Ordeal By Innocence- Amazon (though I think it’s BBC) I will watch any adaptation of Agatha Christie.  This is a slick dramatization.  I want to read the book (which I have somehow never read, or is so different from TV version that I have forgotten) I thought it was a little over the top
  5. Modern Family- The folks behind Modern Family revealed some stuff about the upcoming season.  Anyone who read it and wants to speculate, message me at
  6. Met with my writing group- got good feedback with latest rewrites.  Actually used one of my lines in a blog this week, and people commented on the line, so I’m thinking it was actually funny, and will work in the scene….
  7. Got to see one of my best friends who doesn’t  live near me- loved seeing her, but wish it was because of something fun…
  8. My daughter won one match, but lost one match.  She played really well (so I’ve heard- I didn’t get to the games- I’m only “allowed” to go to certain games…

Hope you all had a great week, and hoping for a better one…

8 thoughts on “My Week in Review 9/16

    1. I tend not to read bestsellers unless I know the author or it’s a genre I’m interested in, but this book had all sorts of other good reviews as well. The writing was just eh….

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