Another week….another bunch of stuff

  1. My friend made it through her surgery OK.  She is home and on the road to recovery
  2. I was able to help a friend out
  3. First responders- I am eternally grateful to those who rush in when others rush out…
  4. I’m making headway on getting my desk in order
  5. my new bathroom shelves are working out so far
  6. My daughter and I have been using some of the 10 million samples we’ve amassed
  7. English Breakfast Tea
  8. my daughter buying her school supplies without me (though…you know….)
  9. my hideous blister finally heeled enabling me to walk without pain
  10. heel cushions
  11. having a good reason to skip something
  12. brownie mix when you just don’t have the energy to make it from scratch
  13. daughter won 1 match and did really well in a loss to high ranked team
  14. That there’s another week to be even better than the past

35 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday 9/15

  1. Glad your friend had her surgery, hoping for a good recovery!
    I get it about the school supplies. I wistfully looked at the cute backpacks and folders with cute doggies and Princesses on them, etc.
    Yes, first responders are Awesome!

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  2. I really love your Gratitude Saturdays. ❤ Glad that your friend made it through surgery!! To me, an attitude of gratitude is one of the keys to open into love / forgiveness. Great post.
    Blessings to you – and congrats to your daughter for winning a match,

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