Very, very busy week!!!

  1. I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art- Heavenly Bodies- Fashion and the Catholic Imagination – this was an amazing exhibit!  Just gorgeous!  I took so many pictures I’m going to do a photo blog in a few weeks.  Also saw Dangerous Beauty: Medusa in Classical Art (cool) and “streams and Meadows Without End: Landscape Traditions of China (cool)
  2. “Operation: Finale” movie theater.  Ok, nothing special
  3. First day of school- which also means I have breakfast with my NYC BF (who happens to be the Mother of my daughter’s BF) We’ve been having breakfast together since the girls were in Kindergarten (we all met when the girls were in Pre K) Good times
  4. “Heartbreak House” Off-Broadway Lion’s Theater.  I know one of the Producers, so I am not going to comment on this
  5. College Kick Off breakfast.  We had to be at my daughter’s high school for 7am- which meant getting into a cab at 6:30. Imagine 127 Type A students and 140 Type A+ parents….good times.  Bottom line- have applications into counselor two weeks before due date
  6. First High School Tennis Match of the Season. My daughter and her doubles partner played a very tough match and prevailed.  My daughter’s high school is relatively small, so the teams are often at a disadvantage- any win is big, and her school tennis teams (both boys and girls) are the only ones to play Division A.  Very Proud.  My daughter and partner won in a tie break (they play a pro set)
  7. Tea Society- we had our Fall Festival focusing on honey and tea.  Apparently, September is National Honey Month.  Tried a lovely Assam, Oolong and Rooibos. And scones…20180908_154410815018521.jpg
  8. “The Miseducation of Cameron Post” movie theater Good, not great.

18 thoughts on “My Week in Review 9/10

  1. I drink rooibos and like it. Also known as African, or red bush tea. So good and it’s caffeine free which, when my adrenals are fatigued, I reach for instead of black tea or my usual coffee.

    Don’t talk to me about scones, I’m trying to reduce carbs here… 😛

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