One of my friends had a really crappy week, but she bounced back admirably, so I say cheers to all those awesome lemonade makers!

  1. 2000 followers.  Not only grateful- humbled.  Thank you.
  2. My daughter and her doubles partner won their first High School match of the season, and the team won
  3. Rain that breaks humidity
  4. Duane Reade (drug store) near the subway for when I exited umbrellaless to be met by humidity breaking rain
  5. fed ex
  6. Tiffany’s- I don’t normally covet real jewelry, but I saw a ring….
  7. Container Store
  8. My new rolling cart that fits in the little tiny space in my bathroom
  9. my new glasses
  10. the incredible comments from my blog on Wednesday
  11. photos stored on my computer
  12. Autumn
  13. renovated movie theaters
  14. convenient busses when it’s too hot to walk
  15. the first week of school went off without a hitch

21 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday 9/8

  1. Duane Read…now that is a familiar name readily missed down South. I remember years ago standing in front of Tiffany’s thinking my date was going to propose and it didn’t happen but if it had, so many other things might not have happened so here is to a dear fiancee who got cold feet.

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