Back in July, I created a summer bucket list:  Let’s see how I did…

  1. Yes- One Broadway Show- 
  2. Yes- Two picnics
  3. Fail- only 1 botanic garden visit (goal was 3)
  4. Yes- Visited Four States I’d never been to
  5. Fail- only one outdoor concert- I set an unrealistic target of 5
  6. Yes- six outings with friends including drinks and rooftops
  7. Yes- seven times I applied bug repellent
  8. Yes- eight air conditioned movies
  9. Yes- nine regrets on putting numerics on this list
  10. Yes- ten books read
  11. Yes-eleven times I complained about heat
  12. Yes-twelve times complained about air conditioning
  13. Yes-thirteen times I said we were having salad for dinner
  14. Yes-fourteen times I thought about my friends who live far from me
  15. Yes-fifteen times I thought what a great summer it was

Hope you had a great summer!!

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