As I continue to work on what format I like best for these posts that encapsulate my week….and I look ahead the my official last week of summer:

  1. I went to the mall. Now, I know that some of you are like, “Gee- so what- you went to the mall.  Big deal.” Here’s the thing- we only have 0ne very paltry mall in Manhattan, which I never frequent- we just have neighborhoods and stores.  And- as a mall requires traveling- I only go once, maybe twice per year, and it almost always has to do with my daughter reading about the only store in the world that can’t be found in Manhattan- in this case it was Garage (which I continuously called Garbage) and was located in the mall near my parents- so it was a two birds, one stone sort of deal. And she got a first day of school outfit- Halleluiah. It was a close one for a second- didn’t know if she’s have the right outfit….phew…weight off my shoulders…
  2. Writing Group- my fellow groupies liked my revisions! They liked my main character better, which is good because I was sort of having a likability problem (gee- who could my main character have traits of…hmmmm…if only I could rewrite my personality on the computer)
  3.  US Open Qualifiers- Here’s my secret- if you happen to find yourself in NYC the week before the Open, check out the qualifying matches- (these are the players vying to get into the draw) Some really great tennis, you’re practically on the small courts, and free… And my daughter caught the game ball of Hurkacz, and got it signed- so…good day
  4. NY Mets Game- Citi Field- We win!  Enough said!
  5. My daughter had no cavities….yay good teeth
  6. Lot of friends reruns- why?  I don’t know…my daughter got a hankering to start binge watching friends!!
  7. SAT- it’s over.  I think I am happier than my daughter.  She said science reading passage was ugly…but math appeared OK- here’s hoping
  8. Goo Goo Dolls Live album- I may have listened to that once or twice on spotify…
  9. 20180822_211554583692098.jpg
  10. “Rich People’s Problems” the final book in the crazy rich trilogy- or what it supposed to be a trilogy.  I think Kevin Kwan left the third book off with lots of potential to build on the franchise.  My daughter differs.  Let’s see who’s right.  Fun book though…

13 thoughts on “My Week in Review 8/26

    1. Funny. My daughters the opposite. She says the outfit you wear on the first day sets the tone for the year. FYI…she has two possible outfits, depending on how hot it is the first day…..sats…yeah….glad that’s over…..

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