This week- let’s see.  For the most part was a fine week, except for the raging fight I got into with my Husband (which was entirely his fault, and he tried to make me feel bad about it and make it into my issue- but that’s a whole blog you’ll read about in a few weeks) So shaking off my cranky mood- let’s try to find the silver lining…

  1. Today is SAT day- the second and final time my daughter will take the test
  2. We can throw out the fifteen SAT study guides
  3. At US Open exhibition matches, my daughter caught the ball and got it signed
  4. egg and cheese sandwiches (I never realized that this is a NY thing until I got to other parts of the country and realized they don’t have them like we do)
  5. My friend got her surgery date approved and all the SNAFU’s taken care of
  6. Home Design (stupid puzzle game app that I am a little bit obsessed with)
  7. options
  8. my ability to stay somewhat reasonable when I really wanted to go off the rails
  9. My Mom for buying my daughter a whole bunch of clothes so I don’t have to
  10. low humidity
  11. When Alexa transposed the verbal message “buy No 2 pencils” to buy hairy pencils (yeah- I got nothing)

28 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday 8/25

    1. Ok. A traditional nyc sandwich is bought at a corner deli or bodega (except for the high rent streets, these are probably found every other block) they make so many that in the morning the grill guy cracks about a billion eggs and whisks them. When someone orders, they ladle the eggs onto the griddle, flip it over, add a slice of yellow american, and put it on a Kaiser roll (untoasted). It’s usually served with two strips of bacon on top, but my daughter doesn’t eat meat so when we order (cause we split one) I get it sans bacon. Perfection.


    1. There are times I’m at the grocery store and I really can’t remember what I needed because it’s so bizarre!! Guess I need to work on my elocution…it’s like verbal autocorrect


  1. This is so great! Love that you do Gratitude Saturdays. And I acknowledge you for doing it even when you and your husband got into an argument. Good on you.

    How did it go with your daughter’s SATs?? Hope it went really well. (and how cool that she caught the ball at the exhibition)

    Have a good rest of your weekend. Blessings to you and your family — Debbie

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