What did this week offer up?

  1. Movie- “Dog Days”- This is one of those silly compilation movies ala “Valentine’s Day” where you get a snippet of 5 different lives and then they coincide at the end.  It is not a good movie, but I sort of loved it.
  2. Joe’s Pizza- This is the quintessential New York Slice- If you ever come to visit NYC- you must have this pizza- be warned- we call it Stand Up Joes because there’s maybe one seat- you stand at a table and pull a Travolta when you eat this slice…20180812_1350381503339533.jpg
  3. Vanderbilt Road show.  My daughter has had an on again/off again relationship about applying to Vanderbilt- we were originally touring it this summer, then it got pulled from the line up, and then they sent her a letter- you can see how much fun applying to college is- bottom line- she was really impressed with the school
  4. My daughter had nothing planned for Monday- Thursday of this week, so we actually got to have a Mom/Daughter day of shopping and lunch.  It was nice to see her relax for about 10 minutes…
  5. “Blackkklansman” Good, thought provoking movie
  6. Book- “Harvest” by Jim Crace.  This was a well thought out, well executed book.  It also included long, lyrical passages.  I don’t like long, lyrical, descriptive passages, so it wasn’t for me.  But, that does not take away from the fact that it was a good book
  7. “Crazy Rich Asians” the movie.  While different from the book, the movie was quite enjoyable.
  8. My daughter began HS team tennis practice this week, so even though she doesn’t start school for two weeks, for practicality sake, we’re now on the school schedule.  She’s up at 6 so she can be at practice in the Bronx (which is a decent subway/walk from our apartment) by 7:45. So as of Friday- my summer was over
  9. But- before it’s really over- snuck in a little trip to the beach.  But never fear- I made sure we did not discuss health issues…20180818_143741958316618.jpg
  10. I began reading the “Crazy Rich Asian” sequel- “Rich China Girlfriend”.  A little heavy on designer name dropping, but still a fun, easy read.  I’m casting the sequel in my head…

Hope all is well for all of you!!!! Thanks for all the amazing comments.  There will be some follow-ups!!

Love and Peace!!!!

21 thoughts on “My Week in Review 8/19

  1. Do you ever go back and read the week in review, to remind yourself of something? Kind of an interesting summary of the week’s end, like a period of the end of a sentence. I like.

    A Canadian woman in Ottawa posts every weekend a list, about 5 or 6 links of something she read she found interesting, from a variety of sources. Like, an article from the Atlantic, a tweet, some news links etc. It’s interesting too bec often I find I recognize quite a few of the same stories. They’re not usually the ‘news highlighted’ ones, or the mist shared, but rather picks more obscure (sometimes), or a completely different view of a topic.

    I’ve been thinking of doing this bec most of what I see is the same opinion written slightly differently. I like brain food. Show me a different view, perspective, even if I don’t agree with it.

    Anyway, just be a thought wanted to share with you.

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    1. I actually get a blog, read this now, where every day the guy posts a really different and interesting article. I think it’s amazing, cause I, like you loves to think about new ideas and alternate perspectives.
      And yes, sometimes I go over it. I don’t want to be all relentlessly positive, but I do need to appreciate the little things I do each week and how they make me happy


  2. My oldest daughter and I are off to watch ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ this afternoon! I am so excited. I have heard such great things about the film and I absolutely loved the book. I bought ‘China Rich Girlfriend’ the other day- have another book to get through before I start it… but I am absolutely loving this series!

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    1. Oh, that wasn’t all in a day. Two days two different movies, one day getting her racket restrung and some lunch. Little fun stuff spread throughout the week!


  3. Honestly, sometimes it seems as if picking out a college is just as hard on the parent as it is the child! Thankfully, those days are behind me. But I do think it will all turn out for the best…I have found that no matter how many different types of colleges a student looks at, in the end, they almost always pick out one that truly is a good fit. Good luck!

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