I had a lovely dinner with my daughter yesterday at our favorite Chinese restaurant.  We ordered too much and had leftovers- which we left on the table in its doggie bag….Oh, and rain and lightening and thunder…..and my friend was supposed to have surgery but the office screwed up the referral and they let her date go- it’s a mess and my friend really needs this…and one of my friends was unable to go on a long awaited vacation because of a horrible sinus infection and couldn’t fly….but I’ll try to find some gratitude.

  1. My daughter has finished the Common App- the essay still has to be really proofed, but it’s done
  2. I haven’t thrown the rest of the essays out because I’m already tired of proofing supplementals
  3. My cat has stopped waking me up at 3am by jumping on my chest because she wants to play
  4. rain (we really do need it)
  5. salt and pepper shrimp
  6. waterproof shoes
  7. my friends baby being born healthy
  8. I’ve sent rewritten prologue and chapter 1 to my writing group for discussion
  9. movies that make me smile
  10. movies that make me think

14 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday 8/18

  1. Not being awakened at 3am is definitely a blessing! 🙂
    We are thankful that the sun is shining as it feels like we have had a monsoon season this summer!
    Sure hope your friend can get her surgery soon!! Surgrry is stressful enough without it being delayed!

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