It may have rained a little bit hear- fun fact- do you know that NYC has more inches of rain per year than Seattle?

  1. I was supposed to see “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” at an outside movie event.  The venue supplied us with rain ponchos, which my friend and I put on.  But that pesky lightening….movie was cancelled.  A little bummed- but we went and got tea instead.
  2. My very adventurous friend S asked if I would like to eat lunch at the place Conde Nast said was “the closest thing to a vacation you can have while staying in Manhattan”, which meant lunch on a docked boat.  Seriously- I could live anywhere except on a boat.  I made it through lunch, though days later I’m still queasy.  And the tomatoes were lousy (it’s summer- I know, right?) But, when we got to a non moving foundation, we had a wonderful time
  3. Speaking of friends- I have maybe five NYC area friends.  Who all decided to text me while I was at lunch with my nautical friend.  To someone watching- I seemed like the most phone obsessed, busy person.  In reality, it was just my little group trying to connect after I’d been on vacation.
  4. “Mission Impossible- The new One”.  I Loved this movie.  It was fun, fast paced, and didn’t go off on tangents.
  5. My friend SF sent me an article about couples watching HGTV being like therapy.  To my longtime blog friends- I wrote about this type of thing a year ago.  So apparently, people actually end up doing studies about my very odd and random thoughts.  Just remember, I thought it and wrote it first.
  6. I read “The Kiss Quotient” by Helen Huang.  I wish I hadn’t read this book.  I read the blurb, woman with Asperger’s hires escort to help her learn about relationships and interaction.  I thought it was going to be a female “Rosie Project” (which I loved) wrong- so very very wrong….I may review this book- Ann thinks my reviews might be sort of interesting….
  7. Also read “Crazy Rich Asians” Kevin Kwan.  Love.  Social commentary ala Pride and Prejudice.  And the movie comes out this week…
  8. “Surprise Me” Sophie Kinsella.  Very light.  Very trying not to be predictable and failing miserably…
  9. Side note- I had a silly miscommunication with the person I thought I knew best in the world- even if you know someone really well- make sure you are talking about the same thing….Communication.  Solves everything.
  10. Laundry.  My week included lots of laundry.
  11. I think I figured out pesky chapter one issue.  If it works I’m going to be very very happy person.  Chapter one has been causing me strife….and making me not want to sit down and work on novel.  This is a good thing.

Peace and love to all.  Communicate.  That’s my word for the upcoming week.  Talk to people.  Listen to what they’re saying.  It works.

15 thoughts on “My Week in Review

  1. I laughed about your communication miss. Our grandsons witnessed first-hand how John and I were talking past each other. We are all more aware of stating things clearly. It happened again this morning. John said Chris talked about very hot weather. The last Chris he saw was our car mechanic. I knew it wasn’t the right Chris. Was it his sister in SC? Yes. I didn’t know he had talked to her recently. Our guessing games are not as easily solved as they used to be.

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  2. Oh, please review that book! I do think they would be quite interesting.
    And I’m glad to know you liked Crazy Rich Asians. I didn’t even realize it was a book, but the movie looked pretty good.

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    1. It’s funny. My daughter likes to read books before she sees movies, so she had bought the book. I figured I’d peak at it, and it’s really a wonderful social commentary. Well written!

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