There are good and bad things about being back from vacation.  Wait- what am I saying? Vacation good- reality bad… Ok- not everything.  There is much good in my reality.  Except for big bag of shredding…

  1. My parents for watching (and spoiling) my dog, and for a few days my cat
  2. the ability for my friend K and I to have fun even though our outdoor plans were ruined by a lightening storm
  3. that I don’t live on a docked boat (I may be able to live in an RV- I definitely can not live on a docked boat) and my understanding friend who realized I couldn’t drink on said boat, or stay on it too much longer
  4. my doorman for opening various jars and bottles for me because my hand is all sorts of screwed up
  5. iced tea
  6. books, tea and leggings (Nananoyz did a quiz thing- these are three things I realized I can’t live without)
  7. The Common App came out and my daughter’s head did not implode
  8. My friend getting good news from Doctor
  9. The rewrite of my prologue, and my thoughts on reworking the dreaded chapter 1 are pretty good
  10. Caeser salad
  11. That my friend admitted that he can fly and land correctly- he’s kept his flying superpower a secret up till now…

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