A few weeks ago I took my daughter to see “When Harry Met Sally”.  Let me start with, why am I stupid enough to take my daughter to see a movie I love, because I know she is going to find some Gen Z way to destroy it for me- but that’s a blog to follow…

So we watch the movie (which she actually said “wasn’t bad” so I’m taking that as a solid two thumbs up) and as we’re walking away from the venue, she says to me- “You know- you’re a lot like Sally.”

My first thought was – “Yay” because I sort of have a girl crush on Meg Ryan.  And I was so happy that my daughter thought I was like her.  But no, I couldn’t let my elation stop there- I had to delve deeper:

“Why do you think I’m like Meg Ryan?” I innocently asked, assuming I was going to be bestowed with praise…

“Well” she started “First off I didn’t say Meg Ryan, I said Sally.  And it’s because you’re high maintenance who thinks she’s low maintenance.  And we all know that’s the worst kind of maintenance of all.” And the she gave me the best Sally/Meg smirk ever.

Me?  High Maintenance? Never!  I’m easy going.  I’m a day at the park.

And then I thought about it.  Ok.  Maybe I’m just a little bit of a diva. Maybe I do like things “my way”.


And on the subway ride home, I thought about my other two favorite rom coms- “The Sure Thing” and “The Cutting Edge”.  Both of these films have female leads who are a little high strung, like things their own way, and are a little chilly.

Gee- who said introspection was a good thing?

I realize that my three favorite rom coms all have characters that highlight my not so good sides- my sense of order, my rigidity, my need to have things a certain way.  And the other thing they have in common is the type of guy who is perfect for them:  a guy who gets them to relax and look at things in other ways. A guy who gets them to free their minds and their spirits.


So now, I’m never watching movies or having conversations with my daughter ever again…






60 thoughts on “When LA met Rom Coms

  1. My favorite is Under the Tuscan Sun …. more romance than comedy, but I want to be Frances Mayes in that Italian villa. BTW, I’ve never seen the entire film When Harry met Sally … scandalous I know!

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    1. First off…watch it. I know it’s free on my cable system so it might be in yours (I had to rewatch it by myself to get my daughters comments out of my head) and yes!! Diane lane is my other girl crush…that movie is just yummy!!

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  2. You are brave (or rash – you pick). Like you, I’ve taught my daughter to have a mind of her own, and analytical thought processes. I have yet to have any discussion with her where she gets to apply those qualities to me or my life chioces.

    She did recently say that she liked Himself the best of all my boyfriends, but that could be viewed either as positive for him or negative for my taste in men. I didn’t enquire further 😉

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  3. Love Under The Tuscan Sun, Diane Lane is great. Of course I have to take her in small doses because she is my husband’s not so secret crush. Whenever my sun told me that I have used the Martyr role in arguments I went nuts. It was in a heated argument this is not a total attitude. Now I find myself examining everything I say to my kids!

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    1. Right?! I have to watch everything I say to her! She dissects everything! And Diane lane is going to play me in the movie of my life….see what a diva I am…I assume there will be a movie about my life

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  4. 😜listen to the girl…
    Actually ,how nice she can speak so freely with you. You never know. She’ll be somewhere working,missing you and will put on a favorite movie of yours…just to feel you near.

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  5. Here’s my thought, are you HM that thinks you’re LM or do you own your HM behaviors? Based on what I read, you’re pretty upfront about being HM. You seem to accept that about yourself…which means you’re not like Sally…?
    Interesting you favor these uptight leading ladies thought it seems normal to me to relate to character traits.
    I saw an interview with Rob Reiner just a couple of days ago and he talked about how much different dating is and the world is now, he joked they’d have to call it Harry swiped Sally if he made it today.
    P.S. I also love Harry and Sally, and The Cutting Edge! “Toe pick!”

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    1. Toe pick!! I love that line and that whole scene thing!!! I know I have hm traits, but the difference is I do things for myself…I don’t expect anyone to do it for me. That’s my rationalization and I’m sticking with it!!

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  6. Buahahaha!

    It’s funny what your kids introduce you to, personally speaking. I lost my ‘ego’ when they were old enough to critique my every habit and mannerism. Which was by the age of five, lol. But it made me a better person, because I learned to laugh at myself and to not take things so dang seriously. They gave me no choice, really.

    Although I LOVE to be all snarky when it comes to the rom-com . . truth is, I gots my favorites. Love Actually, of course. Working Girl, with Meg Ryan. 13 going on 30 and Life as we Know It.

    Here’s to divas!

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  7. I hate when this happens, but even though I have boys, they are similarly able to pinpoint what I thought as good traits into the dark side of neurotic when I feel like a leading character. And I am like Sally too and in my mind, a bit like Frances in Under the Tuscan Sun and even more like Meg Ryan in French Kiss….oh now I have to google those to rewatch! 🙂

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  8. I think it’s great that you can even have such an open conversation with your daughter and not strangle her. That’s what my mom would have done to me!
    I love rom coms, too, though this one was not a fave. Love Meg and Diane both!

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  9. Ha! Loved this and can totally relate to children destroying things you hold dear. It’s interesting how we all connect with certain characters that reflect ourselves. The good thing about Rom Coms is that they all turn out ok in the end – perhaps we find it reassuring!

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  10. OMG I loved that one because I had a major crush on D.B Sweeney

    And boy was I pissed that “The Fast and The Furious” was basically a remake of “No Man’s Land” but I got over it because Paul Walker & Vin Diesel😍😍😍

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