Baltimore-Delaware-New Jersey- Home

We made it home last night!  Ok- I had a great time on vacation- though- you know- families.  Saw parts of the country I had never seen- Can now cross Missouri and Georgia off the bucket list!!  Enjoyed all the things I had never seen before, learned some stuff, met some cool people, tried some great food!

Best Site- Gateway Arch in St.Louis

Best Regional Food- Cheese Curds (Farmhouse in Evanston)

Best Hotel: Omni Bedford Springs in Bedford PA

Best Memory- My Husband getting locked out of information session

Prettiest Campus- University of Chicago

Favorite Activity- Archery (I loved it and I’m going to do it again)

Most Interesting Thing- watching the landscape change as we went from state to state- you understand why things happen in a certain way

and of course- after two weeks of reading Cracker Barrel billboards, our last meal on the road was at a Cracker Barrel in Maryland…….

Johns Hopkins
Of course- MAryland Billboard- 7 under 8

33 thoughts on “Day 14- The Last Day

    1. Cracker Barrel is down home cooking in a folksy setting with rustic decor and a front porch full of handcrafted rocking chairs that are all for sale through the small gift shop disguised as a general store one must pass through to meet the hostess & be seated. And the Cracker Barrel brand cheese you can buy at the grocer is excellent if you like sharp cheddar cheeses

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  1. Cracker barrel is also a great meeting place for coordinating grandchildren, step children, children in general, friends, friends on diets (salad plates), and holiday meals when you don’t feel like cooking or a meeting place for selling some gadget. There I have covered everything. Reasonably priced.

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    1. She still has two schools to tour and a few nyc presentations, but she thinks she has her list. I think she wants one more target school cause she’s heavy on reach schools

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  2. It was fun to take a road trip along with your family without having to actually be in a car for 2 weeks.
    Most, maybe all of the schools you visited have been ones I attended, visited, or took my children to look at. Thanks for sharing this with us and please keep us posted when your daughter chooses her school.

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    1. Thank you!! She’s a little too heavy on reach schools, so she’s trying to add one more target, but her list is narrowed down. Now, the applications….😝

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      1. I’m so glad you said that because there are so many people who don’t understand it’s about fit. For example…my daughter didn’t really like Emory, wash u, and Carnegie Mellon for her….that doesn’t mean they are bad schools or anything, just not the right fit. My mother keeps throwing out names if schools that my daughter has dismissed and my mother just doesn’t get the right fit thing. Different schools have different cultures, and it’s important to know what matters to you. Thank you for being a voice of reason and logic!!!

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      2. It’s great that your daughter understands this and knows herself well enough to be able to distinguish between schools with a culture/academic opportunities that suit her and ones that don’t.
        I chose the wrong school for the wrong reason (yes, it was a boyfriend and I broke up with him anyway) and then transferred to Northwestern which was an excellent fit.

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      3. You have no idea how many people think we’re crazy and overthinking the college process. My thought is it’s too big a financial commitment (seriously, next to a house what else do you spend this much money on) to not take it seriously and approach carefully. Eg…she loved wash u on heir New York roadshow…got totally different impression when there….

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  3. Looks like it was an overall wonderful time and I’m glad there were no strangulations along the way.😉
    I certainly chose my colleges for all the wrong reasons, until the last one, but I was in my 40s by then and there was only one to choose from – lucky for me, it was awesome!

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