As I’ve reached total Nirvana- or as close to a Zen state as I’ll ever get…  My daughter and I were supposed to go to 830 yoga, but when we woke at 745, we decided – Um….nope…not today…

Rain has plagued our entire vacation…this morning being not exception.  So with hiking off the table, we played some board games.  When the rain stopped we played lawn games (I truly know what it feels to be in the early 1900’s, now that I’ve held a croquet mallet…) and then, sun!  Which meant- pool.

Horseshoes- suffice to say, I will not be persuing this professionally
a view…
I needed to remember that we had some blue sky this trip
I saw this cool display of antique hats- I tried to get a shot, but all I got was this odd image- they do say this Inn is haunted…
view from my lounge chair
Bocce- my daughter won-
Croquet- another game I will not be persuing professionally
Life- when did the game become as complicated as life really is
I did win Battleship…
thought it was time for a flower

33 thoughts on “Day 12- The Trip

  1. I love croquet. It was my favorite outdoor game as a child. Where we live now is too hilly to set it up, but I have the mallets and balls in the basement… just in case I get somewhere flat again.

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  2. Oh the memories you brought back. We played croquet a lot as a family growing up! And my battleship was always sunk. LOL! Good to you for winning.
    Yes, rain has definitely been in the air for a long period. We are looking for instructions on how to build an ark soon! At least we do have periods of sunshine from time to time, glad you got to enjoy the pool.

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