This was about the most relaxing day ever.  Woke up and went hiking.  Then my daughter and I took archery lessons.  I followed that with a spa trip- there are natural springs here (have you ever heard the term “going for the waters”? So you step into a rain shower, and then take a wet steam, whirlpool and cold pool.  THen a massage.  I’m feeling very very very chill.  I don’t normally feel this chill, but I’m enjoying it while it’s here…

  1. Every vacation someone in my family does something stupid (I actually can’t believe I didn’t tell you yesterday) So, we’re at the info session at Carnegie Mellon.  We’re in the 3rd row of the auditorium, and my husband needs to use the rest room.  He leaves.  A few minutes later I get a text- “The door is locked- come let me in.” So I slink up the stairs and go to the door, open it and look.  I don’t see him.  Now remember, he just told me the door locks, so I’m sort of holding the door open with my foot as I peer down the hall.  I text him- “Where u?” He calls back- “I’m at the door- where are you (imagine this is said with exasperation… I reply- I’m at the door.  I don’t see you.  But I’m diagonally away from the men’s room.” He hangs up.  A minute later I see him walking towards me.  As it turns out, he was trying to get into the wrong room…So we go back into the room, climb the million stairs back to the third row, and sit.  But by now I start to laugh.  I mean really laugh, but I’m trying not to laugh which is making it worse.  Tears of laughter and my daughter is shooting me glaring looks, because I clearly look like a lunatic….good thing she didn’t want to go there…
The hike
Cute dear on the hike
the targets…
the bows and arrows
my lounge chair
the view from my lounge chair


42 thoughts on “Day 11- The Trip

  1. What is the name of this place? I rechecked yesterday’s post and didn’t see it but I want it on my “future vacations” list. It looks amazing. I hate to fly but I might consider it just to stay here!

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    1. I was purple trying not to laugh…I was just thinking about him going to wrong room. It turns out he also walked into a conference room full of people…..

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  2. Oh your spa day sounds delightful plus the hiking! Archery I tried once long time ago, when I was a teenager. Hit myself with the bow by holding it backwards and got the nastiest bruise you ever did see! I was a Camp Counselor at the time. You can imagine the laughs I got from everyone. Which yes I can relate to doing stupid things. LOL! And I can relate to laughing at the wrong times. The tears rolling down the face as you try to hold it in. 🙂

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  3. The part about the laughing is me. My whole life. One of my favorite memories with my sister is being sent from the table due to uncontrollable laughter.
    ✅ And yes, I used it to embarrass my children.
    Luckily I found a man who loves my laugh and tells me that on a regular basis.

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