Pittsburgh- The Alleghany Mountains

We’ve started out at Carnegie Mellon today.  You will not see a picture because my daughter really didn’t like the school- but I will tell you that it is a wonderful school, just not a wonderful school for her.  And to the fun part, we have reached the relaxing part of out vacation- we are at a lovely resort, and plan on pretty much doing nothing for a few days…

  1. I think I only have 1 observation: In NYC we have Carnegie Hall- which we pronounce Car-ne-gee.  In Pittsburgh, the name of the University is pronounced Car-neg-ee
DSC06608 (1)
This is the firepit where we made s’mores (you knew there would be food)
This is the awesome restaurant which dates from 1762, Jean Bonnet Tavern. I am a sucker for anything with history, or anything that says it has history. This was just an adorable Inn!!! Love!!!
This is our hotel. I’m never leaving. It is perfection.
The countryside.
Afternoon tea set up. FYI- there is milk…
This was my pre-dinner location. Champagne cocktail and a rocking chair on the porch. As stated, never leaving.

47 thoughts on “Day 10- The Trip

  1. I now have a mental image of you lolling about with mint juleps, fanning yourself, and telling someone “that’s nice” in an exaggerated southern drawl.

    And for the record, “that’s nice” is a southern belle’s response when what she really wants to say is “f*<k you" 😉

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  2. I thought of you today when having tea with grandson Nathaniel. He polished an antique silver teapot, shiny enough to see yourself. He washed a teacup and saucer for me that had belonged to my grandmother, picked up a bone china cup for himself, and we had tea. Since he was dressing up the table, I put milk in a creamer instead of hauling the gallon of milk to the table. We were very civilized. I poured my cup English style — putting the milk in the cup first. On this cool, rainy day, the tea was perfect.

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