On today’s addition of gorgeous college campuses and amazing regional food:

  1. Another note on Atlanta- we found ourselves free at night and thought we’d take in some regional live theater.  Couldn’t find any live theater on a Tuesday night.  Obviously, this is very different from NYC.
  2. great hotel feature- little gooseneck lamps on side of bed that isn’t next to night table.  Brilliant for both people to be able to read in bed with proper lighting
  3. Our St. Louis hotel has a breakfast buffet included.  They give you little table placards to put on your table to show that the table is occupied.  Another brilliant idea.
  4. Of course, at said breakfast buffet we couldn’t find plates and couldn’t figure out how to properly get around buffet, but I guess that was just this mornings brain teaser
  5. When we visited colleges in the Northeast and DC, no one talked about student cars.  On this particular journey, all we here about is kids taking their cars to school.  This is a bit of culture shock to my daughter as she doesn’t even have a learner’s permit yet, and none of her friends drive, and there is no way she is getting a car during college…
  6. Washington University gives the best swag- water bottle and collapsible backpack thingy
  7. Colleges campuses are just outstanding.  Felt like I was at Hogwarts today- waiting to watch the Quidditch team in action…
  8. On another note, how cool is it that quidditch is an actual word according to wordpress…
  9. As you are about to see, Botanic Garden today…
  10. Grateful to my Mom for watching my pets
  11. Grateful to my neighbor C for helping my Mom with helping her when she screws up the air conditioner and the tv


44 thoughts on “Day 5- The Trip

  1. #1-go to a movie. In the rest of the world theatres are far and few bettween. Tragic. Anyone who wants to be an actor(not a STAR) should work in theatre.
    #4ask staff
    #5evil laugh…
    And give your mom a break. Someday your daughter will be texting her friends about you…and complaining

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      1. True. Although I hope we never lose that sense of adventure. A friend of mine is touring the Miami area and his pictures are so interesting. I would love to see this part as we missed it our tour to the Everglades.

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  2. Love Ted Drewes – we were visiting relatives in St. Louis several years ago and drove Route 66 (as much as we could) on the way home. Ted Drewes was a must-stop. We just got a Shake Shack here and I have to say “meh.” In and Out is much better and a lot less expensive. It looks like you’ve visited some beautiful campuses. What an exciting time of life for your daughter!

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  3. These are some interesting insights. It’s easy to be a fish in water with some of what you’ve mentioned, like the driving thing. In the South and some parts of the Midwest, a car is almost mandatory, but I could see how coming from the Northeast that would be borderline absurd.

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  4. I could see needing a car at WashU … but if she went there many of her friends would probably have cars so that could work. But St. Louis is soo different from NY … says the expert who has never been to NY city 🙂

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  5. The pictures from the St Louis Botanical Gardens are wonderful. I have had that place on my list to see each time I have been to see my son and it always seems to get the thumps down from him. Never mind that Mom wants to see it! Thanks for giving me a glimmer of hope that I might still be able to see it one day,😂

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  6. I’m so glad you enjoyed your visit to my home town of St. Louis! And also glad that you made time to visit the Botanical Garden and of course, Ted Drewes. If you daughter does happen to select Washington University, don’t worry about her not having a car. That’s a pretty walkable neighborhood, and in a pinch, she can always just get a Uber ride.

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