We woke up in Atlanta.  Drove through Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois and then St.Louis Missouri…Here’s some random thoughts from being on the road for 8 hours…

  1. I don’t pack conditioner and shampoo when I travel, so going to hotels is always a game of conditioner roulette.  Didn’t work in my favor in Charlottesville (FYI- thin hair, humidity and no conditioner are not a pretty package.  Did hit it big in atlanta with Aveda!  Also a score in St. Louis with Oxygen.  Two out of three ain’t bad…
  2. My Husband pulled a very illogical move today, so to answer the question, does logic come with maturity, the answer is No…
  3. Atlanta residents like to tell you how bad the traffic is.  Dear Atlanta- Come to New York or LA…
  4. It’s funny how Cracker Barrel has different billboards for different states.  It was about Dumplings in the Pennsylvania and the Carolina’s, Biscuits in Georgia and Waffles/Pancakes in Tennessee and Kentucky.  Who knew there was such divergent marketing for these states.
  5. Drive thru’s. We obviously don’t have these in NYC, so the thought of staying in a car to get an order is foreign to us.  So here’s the question.  When we stop to refresh, we get out of the car because, well, you know.  But there is never a line inside any fast food type franchise, yet the drive thru line will be 7 or 8 deep.  Wouldn’t it be easier to park and get the order quicker?  What are the pro/cons?
  6. We heard Phil Philips on the oldies channel.  Seriously- he was on American Idol during my daughter’s youth.  What makes an oldie anyway?

59 thoughts on “Day 4- The Trip

  1. Ahhhh, have done that drive ATL to STL! I have kid who now lives in GA and the other in IL just East if STL. Yes, a bit of a difference in 8 hours. Luckily for you, can use the hotel stuff, I can’t and have to pack mine always. But- anyone who visits my house can have their pick of brand stuff from all my hotel stays (I paid for it and it comes with me!).
    I am a get out of the car and walk into fast food place. In my opinion experience it is not faster as I watch cars that were in line waiting past by with their hot food as I normally get the cold fries and have a longer wait.😕

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    1. I totally get wanting to be out of traffic….it’s especially bad in the city in the summer. And the arch is amazing! You almost get dizzy looking up to the top when you’re below it! Tram ride was wild


  2. I was in Atlanta recently and rented a car..traffic wasn’t great, but not over the top either. Sometimes you get better service in the drive thru….I’m talking to you, Walgreen’s pharmacy…it shouldn’t be that way but it is. Have fun on your trip.

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    1. Thanks!! The couple times we stopped at drive thrus there were at least 10 cars on line, and no one in store. We got order in about 2 minutes…


  3. I usually get out of the car, walk to the totally empty counter, and order my food inside. It’s much faster. I don’t know why other people don’t do the same thing. Unless it is pouring rain. Then I will use the drive-thru.

    I managed to get out of Saint Louis without eating fried ravioli.

    What did your daughter think of the countryside that didn’t have subway stops attached to it?

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    1. Rain is great reason to stay in car. Toasted ravioli was better than I thought it would be…actually kind of light…she actually like uva the best so far, and that’s really a small college town. She didn’t like Emory or wash u, but she did like Atlanta and St. Louis…schools just not right for her


  4. So funny about the drive through but you know you are right: there are none in New York City. I lived down South for so long, I forgot that. I hated Atlanta traffic and drove in New York City traffic decades ago. Baltimore was also horrible but good to know for us that New York traffic has us beat. If you drive with my brother in New York, his logic is driving up the sidewalks is allowed or so I heard.

    You are having an adventure! I think drive through were invented for children’s entertainment. Parents dropping off children or on a road trip thought it would be fun to go through. Big business there. On the Keto diet or low carb, I can’t easily eat fast food unless it is a hamburger with lettuce wrap. Enjoy the trip!!!

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  5. oh wow, too bad we couldn’t have met up … I’m just west of downtown STL!

    I have, many times, gotten out at a fast food place to avoid the drive thru. But sometimes the drive thru is STILL faster, as the bulk of the employees are servicing the window versus the inside customers.

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    1. These were those drive thrus that you pull into when you’re driving on highways …I’m sure there’s local traffic too, but the lines are sooo long! Loving St. Louis btw!!

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  6. Most fast food places have a time they have to try and abide by. They have to get those cars through. Doesn’t always work, but I think that’s why the drive-thru is quicker most places. Inside you can wait a loooonnnng time if the drive-thru is busy. At least in Savannah, Georgia. Now that we are in Nevada, the wait either way is a lot shorter! Enjoy the rest of your trip!!!

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  7. Epic trip! For the record I seldom go through the drive thru for the reason you stated. It’s generally faster to go inside. My husband likes to drive thru, and eat in the car. Barbarian.

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  8. St Louis is a wonderful city! When my children were little, it was our favorite destination because we have family there and found a hotel on the river that they found fascinating. They also loved the happy hour with unlimited kiddie cocktails and if I remember correctly, a contest to see who got the most maraschino cherries.
    The zoo and museums there are excellent. Enjoy your vacation!

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  9. So cool that you are taking the time to see the sights on the college tour. I don’t like using the hotel shampoos etc. so I always bring my own but we do take them home too. Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

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  10. Speaking as someone who adores Hamburgers ❤ 😛 (did I say I love hamburgers?) That's a great drive thru observation……………….. I guess the answer is because human beings are naturally lazy mammals?

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  11. Too hot to get out of the car and then the car heats up while one is inside and you have to cool the car off again. Maybe same thing in the winter, just reversed. Another thought. If people are traveling with children it can take a while to round everyone back up once you let them out. LOL


  12. Everything is drive-thru in NC where I live, and they’ve got it down to a science. Two lanes, folks taking orders with tablets so the lines keep moving, and I haven’t once received the wrong order. I don’t know how they do it!!

    Have fun!! 😊

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