Yesterday found us waking up in Atlanta and going to sleep in Atlanta.  We got lucky with the weather though- rain threatened but held off!

I’m going to give you a little story.  Look at an item on your desk- say a pencil.  Now imagine how much that pencil knows about cars.  Now imagine the pencil knows more about cars than I do.  So last night, Husband and Daughter were parking car.  I was checking into hotel.  I get a frantic call:

Husband:  “What is this light on the dashboard and why won’t it go off?”

Me: dead silence

Let’s start with, I’m not in the car.  I’m in the lobby of the hotel.  The only thing I see is our luggage and the front desk.

Husband: “Is it supposed to be on?”

Me: dead silence

OK- the manual for the car is in the glove compartment.  Which is in the car.  Which my husband is in.  I know for sure the manual is not in my wheelie suitcase.

Happily- the brain trust figured it out…

random observations:

  1. After some college tours, there are two things we never want to hear again.  Holistic and great question, as uttered by someone giving an information session or tour.  Sadly, I expect to hear those terms a few more times…
  2. Up until this week, we’d only toured colleges in the Northeast and Washington DC.  At these schools we hears extensively about the blue light system (campus security).  We’ve yet to hear about these things in the south…
  3. Last night we watched a show on ABC called (I think) “The Proposal” hosted by Jesse Palmer.  This might be the worst tv reality show I’ve ever seen, and I’ve rarely seen a good reality TV show…
  4. Tried some really funky soda flavors today- some better than others.  Some flavors are just not supposed to be carbonated…



33 thoughts on “Day 3 – The Trip

  1. Atlanta is a cool town with some great restaurants, and I found the peeps to be so gracious. I did the CNN tour the first time I visited and the Coke tour some time after that. Way back in the day . . .
    You had the Hotlanta time, complete with a visit to Centennial Park and fried green tomatoes! Righteous!

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