The theme of the day was rain.  Woke up to rain- had horrible sheets of rain as we were driving south- could barely see!  But we made it to out next stop!!  Some random thoughts:

  1. Everything here is air conditioned, which is great, because it’s the south in the summer, but I have been SO cold every time we enter a building!
  2. My daughter was leading the way as we tried to make our way to the building where the information session was being held. She was walking the wrong way, and it was the obvious wrong way, but it took her an extra step to realize her error.  Is this too much book knowledge and not enough practical knowledge?  Or is this a maturity thing?  You know I’m going to think about this, explain it better, and write more about it.  Also, about 20 people followed my daughter going the wrong way…sheep?
  3. The parking lot were visitors were told to park was right next to the book store.  I felt like I was at Disney, with the gift shop at the end of the ride…
  4. Our alarm clock in the hotel went off at midnight.  First off- Really?  And secondly- does a hotel need to have a digital clock?
  5. In a truly bizarre coincidence, as we were watching the University of Virginia introductory video, they showed a clip of a former student in NYC.  The scene was shot a block away from our apartment.  What is the chance that we go to a college hundreds of miles away and see a video clip from our neighborhood?  If I believed in signs, would this be a sign?
  6. We have heard a ton of Rod Stewart on this trip…I have no idea what this could be a sign of
  7. I went into a restaurant and asked if they had hot tea.  The waiter asked if I wanted him to microwave the sweet tea.  The worst part is, this is not the first time this has happened to me…


  1. car being parked right next to the motel room so we didn’t get too wet going to car
  2. that we safely arrived at our destination despite hellish driving conditions

50 thoughts on “Day 2- The Trip

  1. #4- it was an accident. Maybe the on button got pushed during cleaning. Anyhow-relax. Not everyone is out to get you.
    Rod Stewart everywhere? Are you on the oldies channel?
    Stay away from the sweet tea!!!FAR AWAY! Its like a mistake that people kept around.Horrible shit. 1 glass of ice tea and 1 bag of sugar:puke! Most southern places do have hot tea(not necessarily sharpe waiter). They have ice tea(regular) and sweet tea(STAY AWAY).
    Rain is a blessing here in the south. Even if you have to endure swampy sweat if it comes too early in the day.
    Its cute how you consider Virginia “The South”. I always thought it was more north than south.

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  2. I have loved reading your last two posts. I told you not to post while on vacation but glad you didn’t listen to my Bad advise. I had to laugh about the one yesterday about the sex shops and the billboards, you know the more conservative the state the more of that stuff you see. I thought maybe you had gone to Texas instead of VA as I have seen tons of that between Dallas and OKC!

    Not sure Rod Stewart is a sign… in my mind he is better to listen to than country or religion on the radio. Lord knows I have driven that I95 on the EastCoast too and it seems as soon as you cross over into VA or get close to DC it really changes.

    As for sheep, well that means your daughter is a leader, right? LOL

    I also think I gained weight looking at all that fat food you are eating, what sort of post vacation exercise program are you on?

    Safe travels…

    Still hot as HELL here in The Netherlands I would have loved to see a bit of the rain you had.

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    1. I exercise every day plus my normal step count is about 20,000. Touring college campuses is also keeping the step count up!! We saw that billboard sex shop thing in Pennsylvania… not even south!!

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    1. This also happened to me in Santa Fe!! They look at you like you’re crazy, while meanwhile I’m thinking no, crazy is wanting to microwave iced tea!!

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  3. Rained here yesterday. It was wonderful. But I sat on my balcony not getting wet just enjoying the beauty of it after a very hot and humid week. I have never been to a restaurant where you couldn’t get a cup of hot tea and I live in SC.


    1. This was Lexington bbq in Lexington North Carolina. Air conditioning so cold I just wanted to bathe in tea, so I guess in hindsight nuked iced tea might not have been bad!!


      1. Exactly. A little sugar is fine and enhances the flavor…much more is….but I do admit, some of the sweet tea is better than others


  4. The constant AC. I so dislike that. My best friend lives in TX and every time we visit we go from one air conditioned building to another whenever we do anything. There’s very little time in the heat because it’s so dang hot. And I like hot.

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  5. I know I’m in the south when I see sweet tea everywhere. I’ve never tried it though because I’m not a tea drinker. A friend’s daughter goes to UVA and loves it, but she never comes home any more. Something to consider if you send your child to such a lovely place :).

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    1. It’s really sweet. UVA was spectacular as well. I feel like we’re doing the gorgeous college campus tour!! Honestly, fully prepared to not have my daughter visit at breaks!!


    1. Right! We walked into one place yesterday. I ran into the bathroom and screamed my drink order to my husband as I ran to stand back outside in the heat!!

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