I am sitting in the least ergonomically correct chair on the planet, trying to type at a desk at least 4 inches too high for my vertically challenged body.  I was actually  in six states yesterday- where else can you be in six states in a matter of five hours other than the Northeast United States- New York- New Jersey- Pennsylvania-Maryland- West Virginia- Virginia…

Here are my random thoughts I had:

  1. My daughter brought up the very philosophical topic: Is Water Wet.  This conversation went on through two states.  My daughter should indeed be a lawyer.
  2. Radio on route 81 consisted of country or religious- these are two types of music I do not regularly get in NYC
  3. As we stopped in a Starbucks to refresh and refuel, my daughter was happy to note the uniformity of Starbucks- her iced caramel macchiato tastes exactly the same
  4. On a small stretch of highway we saw Lion’s Den House of Adult Toys, next to the skankiest Girls Girls Girls establishment ever, next to a billboard saying “You Lust- You Burn”
  5. My favorite billboard was one for Cracker Barrel – Chicken and Yummmplings-



  1. That I saw that a truck was about to back into us in a parking lot
  2. That we got a spot right near our motel room so unpacking was easy
  3. my family didn’t kill each other before we even got on the road

29 thoughts on “Day 1- The Trip

  1. I noticed number 2 immediately upon leaving New York City eons ago. It is like some part of the country are on “rewind” unless you know the secrets of where to go or have access to great radio and stations. And you are still in Virginia…hmm…relax and enjoy the trip. Do you share driving?

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      1. I don’t drive in Atlanta or Baltimore but I share the driving on the highway when he gets tired. We have a loaner as my stepson works as an exec for a major car manufacturer, so the car runs very well and it is easy to drive. I am not a big fan of driving.

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  2. Been traveling most of my life. The road does calm people. Just take plenty of stops.
    And cheezy “museums” are a lot of fun.Once saw a sign for a Hat museum.

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  3. For a while up here in Wisconsin, we had the adult store and the bible thumpers sparring against each other in billboards by Appleton. I can’t remember what they said back & forth against each other, but I do remember laughing my bunz off.

    And, I must remind myself to make a pilgrimage to the Museum of Mustard SOON.

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  4. We saw a lot of those XXX video stores and such as you mentioned with Bible verses and sayings such as you said when we drove through Indiana and Missouri on our way to vacation our beloved Colorado. Crazy stuff.

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  5. A few thoughts on this great post.
    1. I love country music so that’s a bonus in my opinion.
    2. Is the bible billboard a strategically placed protest?
    3. Congratulations on your family not killing each other!

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    1. Love country music! I think we have one station in nyc that plays it though!! I’m betting the billboard is strategically placed. But it’s still odd when you see it!! And thanks! But there are still some days to go!


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