There was a steam pipe explosion in my general vicinity this week.  Luckily, there were only minor injuries, but the pipe that burst was very old and was covered in asbestos.  So it was one of those kind of weeks…

  1. grateful to all the first responders who helped with this situation- appreciate the work of all those who willingly put there lives at risk to help others
  2. Only five people were minorly injured
  3. the even occurred at 639 AM- if it was an hour later the situation would have been much worse
  4. haz mat suits
  5. decontamination showers
  6. the helicopters have stopped circling overhead
  7. Broadway stars who come out after a show to give autographs
  8. soft, cushiony shoes for when you get a blister
  9. there’s a guy at my gym who looks and dresses like Waldo- I am grateful every time I don’t say “There you are!”
  10. iced tea with lemon
  11. assigned seats at movie theaters
  12. long walks on summer mornings
  13. the people in life that just make you happy
  14. my daughter had a wonderful intern experience
  15. being able to switch up travel itinerary with little issue
  16. little, tiny bags that fit clear bag policy

Have a good week all!!!

20 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday July 21

  1. I am glad you are ok. Sometimes in the past, we have had helicopters circling above fo find people who have committed a crime. That is very scary. Sometimes the helicopters are circling because of all the hospitals located in the area. But when you hear them at night, it is scary. That Waldo person sounds interesting.

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    1. Omg…I think he must do it on purpose, because he’s always in a striped type of shirt with the same glasses!! If I ever saw him after a cocktail I would definitely say something!!
      News helicopters were circling for two days….just loud….

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  2. How scary!! I’m glad there were no casualties. It’s the same when a gas pipe explodes, and the entire house is destroyed. If I really stopped and thought about the fact that I have a pipe attached to my house that brings in a gas that can explode and kill my entire family, I think I’d live in a tent in my back yard.

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    1. I know!! There are so many little things that you don’t really stop to think about….I know there are steam pipes near my house, so, yeah….and this one was only a few blocks away…

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