This week saw the triviality of a third item breaking- my ipod headphones.  But that’s the infamous third shoe to drop, so hoping that we’re done with bad appliance luck for the time being.  On a heavier note, my friend needs to have surgery, which she has apparently been putting off for awhile. So there is a summary of the bad and the annoying.  But, here’s to gratitude:

  1. Amazing discussions this week!!  Thanks to all for adding great insight into the discussions posed this week.
  2. I had an extra set of ear buds in my all purpose drawer
  3. My all purpose drawer is organized so I don’t have to call it a junk drawer
  4. When my headphones died while at the gym I was able to read blogs instead of listening to music (impossible to comment while on an elliptical however- my grammar and spelling are bad enough when I am at my desk, much less moving)
  5. salad with pita chips, pickled onions, feta and lentils
  6. ability to cancel hotel reservations when my daughter decides she doesn’t want to go see a college
  7. I didn’t throw my planning notes across the room when my family was trying to rearrange summer trip plans
  8. pretty summer evenings
  9. summer in general
  10. low humidity
  11. comfy  sandals
  12. pretty shoes
  13. went through thousands of emails- and only missed one semi important one
  14. little, tiny fanny packs that meet new stadium requirements
  15. ability to put thoughts into words and express myself on paper
  16. ability to rationalize that there must be a good reason for everything….(I’m working on this…)

And there you have it.

Enjoy your week!!!

15 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday July 14

  1. The remark about your daughter brought back memories of my parents with me on a visit to Stony Brook University. They offered me the best deal, and I ended up going there. We didn’t visit many colleges but that was my first introduction to a RA who kept a python as a pet in his dorm room. It felt like another university at Stony Brook. Enjoy your weekend. I make so many spelling mistakes. I would get dizzy reading the blogs on an elliptical, never mind responding. You have many talents!

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