20180709_0934431734729047.jpgI have a tendency to take things to the extreme-I become really passionate about something, and I go all out.  This mainly manifests itself in my organizing habits, but really, it’s a pattern in everything I do.  I become crazed with trying different recipes every night, trying to read a certain amount of books every year, or watching everything nominated for an Oscar.

This is just me- it’s part of my personality- and for good or for bad, it defines who I am.  To know me is to know and appreciate my quirks. I don’t have any obsessions that are particularly harmful, just a little embarrassing.  People often look at me funny when they find out about some of these habits/routines that I have developed.  And while I don’t really care what anyone thinks about me, I do sometimes feel a little odd.

Sometimes I don’t realize something is an obsession until there is a catalyst- a moment of pure clarity.  This happened to me recently.  I read about a product in a beauty article, went to Sephora and plunked down my hard earned cash for it.  I got home, totally excited and greedily read the instructions.  Seriously, buying this thing was the second best thing to happen to me this year.  And in my moment of excitement, the cold hard truth hit me right in the face: I am obsessed with products for my eyes.

While I normally buy drug store brands for cosmetic needs, I realized that my Sephora VIB status was earned mainly by eye products.  I saw that I had all these pretty little jars and tubes, gels and creams.  And I use them all: some are at night, some are for the morning, some are for mid day.  I have an eye product for every occasion.

Now being me, I had to figure out why I was so obsessed. Did you think I wouldn’t overanalyze this?  Why did I own all these products?

Obviously, I think there is something wrong with my eyes. And no, there really isn’t anything “wrong” with my eyes They are just not the same eyes I had when I was younger.  They now came with baggage.

This was a tough realization for me.  My eyes were always a point of pride: they are big,  I have decent lashes and eye brows, and they are a funky hazel that spans all sorts of shades of green. I have very few wrinkles (genetics). My eyes are also extremely expressive- they tell a story for me better than I tell it with words.

And now they have big bags underneath them.

I am not happy about this.

So when I went to Sephora, I purchased a little vibrating wand that I’m supposed to use twice a day.  Supposedly, the vibrations help break up the loose floppy skin.

Seriously.  I spent good money on this product that vibrates my eyes.

Yes. I know.  You’re all thinking, how narcissistic is this woman? And some of you are thinking a whole lot of other things.

This woman is completely narcissistic about her eyes. And a whole lot of other things.

This bothers me.  I never thought of myself as being obsessed with my looks.  I accepted the fact that I was reasonable attractive, but I really didn’t do too much to enhance it.  I exercise and wash and moisturize.  Make up when I feel like it, because I like playing with cosmetics.  But I was never one of those women spending hours and paychecks on being beautiful.  I was happy with who I was.

And now – well, I’m still happy with myself, but….I feel like I need some help.  My eyes, and the areas around it need help. And no matter how many times my intimates tell me I’m beautiful, I still don’t always feel it.  But that’s all on me-

I still go out in public.  I have no intention of going “Phantom of the Opera”. And I will probably continue to spend money on products that will work on my eyes.  If you want to sell me snake oil, make it pink and promise that it will make my eyes beautiful…

FYI- I have not been paid by any of the products that I have pictured.  That’s just a peak in the real products that I use.





57 thoughts on “My Secret Obsession

  1. 😀 Honestly, the products probably help, but I remember reading “tips by the professionals” ten years ago and they ALL mentioned a little Botox.
    I think there’s no way to permanently change them. Your eyes sound lovely. 🙂

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  2. A little luxury, an indulgence if you will. So what? It’s quirky and makes you happy. ;). I have never been to Sephora, we have one in the upscale mall (along with other major American stores), perhaps I will drop in there one time, have a look around. Here people are pushing Rodan & Fields everywhere I turn.

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    1. I LOVE Sephora, but I really like make up and products!! They’re just fun! I know a lot of Rosanne and fields people, but I almost feel like that’s cult like….like I should talk…I basically bought a vibrator for my eyes…..😝

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  3. I heard that preperation H😱 was good for bags. Now if you know anything that will make me look less like a racoon(dark circles ) I’m all ears

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    1. I’ve heard that about prep h….supposedly models use it at shoots. But serious, the peter Thomas Roth thing is actually good for short term. The only problem is it leaves a white film if you use too much. But it’s short term…a few hours…

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  4. Who cares if you obsess about your eyes, they are yours after all. I finally found a line of products I use and I use them all the time, morning and night. I don’t have bags but I do have dark circles. I use Analou Naturals anti Aging products but the eye serum is for brightening. I love beauty products too, we all have our quirks at least we are not harming anyone.

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  5. I can’t help it. I laughed my ass off at “Seriously.  I spent good money on this product that vibrates my eyes.”
    Like, so hard I almost rolled off the damned couch.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not laughing maliciously; I’m laughing in delight at your self-awareness, your deep introspection, and your absolute honesty. Your deadpan delivery is just icing on the cake.


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    1. I was hoping people laughed! I mean, you know I was chuckling a bit as I wrote it! But yeah…sometimes you need to appreciate your oddities and quirks and just go with it. It’s the unique qualities that make us all special!


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  6. I feel vain sometimes because I really want to get contacts again yet glasses are so much easier because I still need reading glasses with my contacts but you know what, I am going to get them because it makes me feel better. Just like having the organized closet or finishing up the exercise for the day. Rodan & Fields: i have a friend teaching in China with her husband and family. She is a consultant and never misses an opportunity to tell us about the products. I heard the eye cream or was it moisturizer worked well. I have been using moisturizer forever. My skin is very good. My problems may be more when I lose weight and the skin on my neck will hang. I have been wondering if I should go overseas for an inexpensive face lift. No, just kidding. I inherited my mother’s genes. I like Sephora products but some are expensive.

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  7. I never got into the wearing of makeup much. When I was younger and rarely now on the date night, I used eye shadow and mascara but never face makeup because I felt like I was wearing a mask (I know, probably not the right brand or I was not putting it on right or something). I’ve pretty much always had dark circles under my eyes, it’s a family trait. Sometimes I get a fleeting thought that maybe I should try putting makeup on again but then it fleets out 🙂

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    1. See, I actually love make up, but not to change my looks, just because it’s fun to play with it. And I don’t need make up on to go out…when it’s really hot I only wear mascara and lip balm!!

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  8. Since I retired I often go without makeup except when it’s somewhere fancy. I thought that I looked the same either way. But then I started noticing how a little makeup changes/enhances the looks of others. I’ve decided I need to make a little more effort… I don’t want to turn into a frump. If vibrating your eyes helps, go for it. If you find something that will bring back my eyebrows, let me know! 😕

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    1. I use maybelline tattoo studio for my brows…I thunk it’s pretty good….hardest part is figuring out what color you should use!! I just love playing with makeup just because it’s fun!!


  9. So you’ve got a thing for eye care products. As long as it’s not hurting you, your family or your pocket book, who cares? I was in the mall the other day and this poor woman was trying to sell me eye stuff that I will not ever use. And I told her that blatantly. Needless to say, she was not liking me. 🙂

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  10. Aah, I come here specifically to vent my adverse opinions ;-).
    I don’t think you are narcissistic. I noticed that all people have at least one part of their body which they are very ‘attached’ too, which they feel expresses their personality best and most beautifully. Like the Kardashians cherrish their ass-ets, well, sort off… 😉
    I do worry about your chemical use though. In the USA there manufacturers are allowed something like 500 chemicals which are strictly forbidden in Europe because you lack a strict make-up chemical law. When using on average 15 products you could be applying 15 times 20 = 300 different chemicals to your body. Obviously not all of them are bad, but it could not harm to lessen that because, well, just because :-(.
    Also, whenever my eyes are puffy I grab my stock of Schuessler cell salts, there are several dealing with baggy eyes, puffy eyes or eyelids falling over the eye. And they actually work. Skin becoming saggy has to do with a lack of a certain mineral. Different parts sagging point at different minerals. Schuessler salts can replenish this lack. Personally, if you want to be cherishing yourself, I would opt for this healthier choice. But, well, if that is your thing. 🙂 Otherwise possibly try the Hauschka make-up brand, that is one of the cleanest and very functional in skincare I found. Love their rejuvenating cream, takes off years every time I use it. They know all this lacking minerals stuff. 🙂 Ok, stepping off the soapbox. 🙂
    xx, Feeling

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  11. Pro tip for a multi-use tool: I was dancing like a maniac at a convention a couple of years back, to the point that my feet and legs cramped. One of the vendors there was selling that Magic Wand vibrator (which was made by some company and so successful that another company bought it and is making it in perpetuity, somehow). It does wonders for feet, spine, muscles, scalp, everything, inclduing face. I had read about the face vibrator thing and figured this would do the job, and it really seems to. So, if you want to keep the energy moving all over your body, the Magic Wand or similar might be the ticket. Have fun, whatever you do.

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  12. I was just reading an article about the no makeup look that in actuality requires subtle makeup and expensive procedures and at-home gadgets to achieve. I think you’re on trend! Good for you.

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    1. It’s really good.my skin feels softer!! And I totally agree with you, but I think we forget that what makes us unique is what makes us beautiful


  13. I’m glad I’m not the only one obsessing about things 😂 My current obsession is orchid related.
    You’re very funny and reading your blog brings a smile to many people I believe. I’m sure many can relate as well 😉

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  14. By the way, I looked up the cell salts/tissue salts mentioned above, and they address everything from cellulite to wrinkles to bad skin and nerves, so I bough a combination of all of them and have been taking them for a few days. I genuinely feel they help a lot. Here’s a site that describes them, although it is not where I got mine, which were about $14.00 for 500 at the local co-op. https://www.medicine4life.ca/2012/07/schuessler-cell-salts-tissue-salts/ I say whatever helps is good!

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  15. I totally feel you. Fat hides a lot of age. Before I lost 40 pounds, my face was relatively fat and I looked like I was in my 30s. Post-weight-loss, a bunch of weight came off my face and now the area under my eyes looks darker/sunken. I’ve been using concealer, etc. Sigh…I want to be 25 again 😦

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