The Compressor on my air conditioner broke.  On the hottest day of the year.  Making half of my apartment really hot.  We needed to replace the unit, which was expensive.  By the time the new unit arrived and was installed, the heat wave was over.  So, this was a really hard week to have gratitude, so bare with me…

  1. The repairmen got to my house at 10am for the initial appointment, and 9am for the installation, so my day wasn’t wasted waiting for them (seriously- lemonade…)
  2. the heat wave broke
  3. have new air conditioner in case we get another heat wave
  4. my rewrites on my book are coming along nicely, and I know what needs to be improved
  5. My friend K finished the first draft of her book
  6. My friend G sent her book out to an agent
  7. fireworks- both the literal and the figurative
  8. not having to face crowds or traffic to and from firework displays
  9. fruit- especially locally sourced
  10. other family members cleaning out the litter box
  11. frozen strawberry margaritas
  12. my daughter being able to cobble together work clothes for the first few weeks of her internship
  13. managing to get about 10 decent shots of fireworks (out of 1200)
  14. walk off grand slams
  15. Wimbledon
  16. air conditioned movie theaters
  17. philosophical discussions with my daughter
  18. iced tea with lemon

I was having a hard time getting past the air conditioner….but I try….

32 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday July 7

  1. I hear ya on the air conditioning. Our house was SO hot last year when ours died. At the end of summer we realized it hadn’t actually died when our daughter’s friend’s dad came to look at it. We are dumb with stuff like that but a guy from a hvac company had already been out and we think he knew but just wanted to sell a new unit (which would have been big $ because we live in an old farmhouse).

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    1. I know what you mean. The guy said the compressor broke, and I asked, can we replace the compressor, and he’s like, that actually costs more than a new unit, which I don’t understand why a part is more expensive than a whole….so yeah….I get that

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      1. Sometimes it’s a challenge to look on the bright side, but attitude is a big piece of being happy.
        I don’t have A/C where I live but we have no humidity, cool nights, and good breezes.

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  2. Air conditioner broke in the heat wave-how do those machines know? While traveling in the SW my husband and I would get our hair really wet.

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  3. LA,

    A great summer list indeed! And YES, if I were ever to lose track of what month I was in (fat chance) Wimbledon would let me know. Been that way since I was a kid who would wake up early to watch McEnroe and Borg . . .
    Peace and more agreeable temps


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