No matter what the calendar, or social convention dictates, I consider Summer to be between July 4 and Labor Day.  So as it’s July 6, I decided to reveal my summer bucket list

  1. One Broadway show
  2. Two picnics
  3.  Three botanic garden visits
  4. Four states I’ve never been to
  5. Five outdoor concert
  6. Six outings with friends that include cold beverages and rooftops
  7. Seven times I’m applying some sort of bug repellent (no- that’s not a bucket list item, just a fact)
  8.  Eight movies in an air conditioned theater
  9. Nine reasons why I thought that using the numbers as the amount of time I would do something would be a great idea
  10. Ten new books to be read
  11. Eleven times I will complain about the heat
  12. Twelve times I will complain about air conditioning
  13. Thirteen times I will say “Yes- we’re having salad for dinner”
  14. Fourteen times a day I will think about my friends who are far and wide and hope they too are enjoying their summer
  15. Fifteen times I will talk about how great a summer it is

Summer is a time of hope and renewal (I know- spring is rebirth, but I’m too busy every spring to really think about it)  My goal is to just enjoy the beauty of what’s in front of me, not take anything for granted.  My goal is to try new things, meet new people and learn about their hopes and dreams and realities.  I would love to see my old friends in person, because it’s so much more fun to look someone in the eye every now and then.  Written communication is fine, but….IRL better.

So enjoy what summer (Northern Hemisphere anyway) puts in front of you!

Oh wait!

Tennis!  Play- watch- attend live.  Add that to the list. How did I forget that?!?!

What’s on your list?




58 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List

  1. I live 10 miles outside of town and would love to have transportation to church,the grocery store,whereever I need to go. N.Y. is so cool-taxis,subways,buses. Never having to beg for rides-what a dream!(i don’t drive.)

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  2. Well, I haven’t thought about my Summer bucket list too much, but, let’s see….spend more time with my husband, for sure. Blog more often, for sure. Every Wednesday Night in July and August a local park has free Summer concerts, so we will be attending those. Go down to the Bay more often. Keep saying that Life is Good. 🙂 Yep,that’s my list.

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  3. A great list! I definitely agree with the “IRL” with friends. I am very thankful for technology with email and texting, etc. but yes nothing beats “IRL”! I plan to have lunches with friends in the outdoor patios of the restaurants we have here.
    My husband and I love to catch free outdoor concerts in the park. He and my teenager also enjoy going to music festivals this time of year. The festivals though are a little louder than I like my music, so that is their bonding time! 🙂
    Reading on my porch swing, yes!
    Using our new fire pit to roast S’mores, Yes!
    and definitely hitting the beach!
    Thanks for the smiles. 🙂

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    1. Beautiful list for you!! S’mores…yum!!! And I know what yo7 mean about festivals….my daughter likes them, but too loud…and no seats!!


  4. I suppose tops on my list would/should be to celebrate 1 year of living completely alone post divorce and enjoying every minute of it.
    After that, it’s things like…
    finally getting my spices organized
    sitting under the butterfly bush (now tree) just outside my door with a cool drink and a book while the tiger swallowtails fly around me
    taking in a few outdoor concerts myself in the local park
    taking at least two weekends off from my job
    reinvesting some post divorce retirement money
    drinking as much Tea House Collection ice tea as I can

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  5. I don’t really have one. Travel is always something we try to do and we’ve already done that and leaving again this weekend. Once we get back I want to try to spend as much time with the four of us together before school starts back up and my kids are both away at college.

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  6. Read a few more good novels.
    Lose a few more pounds on this low-carb diet.
    Go to the gym more often.
    Visit the beach a few times.
    Finish more writing on my book.
    Retrain my mind not to worry about silly things I can’t control like the driver in back of me.
    Good luck with your college visits!

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