And then…before your very eyes…the sky lights up…


The problem with watching fireworks live, especially with a show of this magnitude, is that you really see the smoke that obviously accompanies fireworks.  It was also a humid, somewhat hazy night,  visibility was already compromised, so with my mediocre photography skills, this is what I got…

But, at the end of the day, we saw a show.  It was pretty spectacular. So remember- find the fireworks in your life, and also realize that nothing is ever perfect.  There’s always going to be something. It doesn’t really matter though.

Just enjoy life- the good and the bad- the calm days and the exciting days- the quiet and the loud…

It’s all good


26 thoughts on “The Party

  1. Great pictures, so far we have had only 2 instances where my dog is cowering and shaking in the closet. A nearby park(rail/trail) that opened used a laser show pretty spectacular as well as silent.

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  2. Really awesome pictures of fireworks, while others were enjoying these eye catching fire works, you clicked these astonishing photographs and shared with rest of the world, it is really a wonderful job of sharing happiness with others, with your work. Hats off to your passion.

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