I’ve told you about my friend J who recently had a cancer scare.  A few weeks ago I accompanied her to the day surgery unit of the hospital to have her cancerous mass removed.  Things move quickly when Doctors realize that something is malignant: she received word on a Thursday that it was cancer, and they booked her appointment for the following Tuesday. Of course, as things happen, they called Monday and rebooked her for Friday morning.  Whatever.

So she was told to report to the hospital at 7:30 for a 9 am surgery slot.  Fine.  She called me and asked if I were available, and if I could meet her at 6:45 so we could walk up.  Fine.

Friday morning rolls around and I meet her in the lobby at appointed time, and she’s in a tizzy: turns out she received a call at 6:15 asking where she was- she was apparently supposed to be their at 6am for a 730 procedure.  (First off- J is really on the ball- she called me before she booked appointment and I remember exactly what she said which was 730/9- and on another note- people call to confirm haircuts- why wouldn’t the Doctor call to confirm time of surgery?)

So we raced up to the hospital- they had asked her to get their as soon as possible.  J was flustered- she could tell her blood pressure was up.  This was not how anyone wants to go into a medical procedure.  I tried to calm her, but really- if I were her I would have been annoyed too.

So we get to the hospital, go to the 10th floor day surgery unit, and J goes to check in.  I sit in the registration waiting area, to, you know, wait for her. Out of the corner of my eye I see a figure in scrubs approach my friend.  I turn to get a better look. Ok- this isn’t just a figure- this is clearly the handsomest man I’ve ever seen.  And he’s talking to J.  He’s touching her hand and calming her down.  Turns out this creature from the heavens is the Doctor who will be assisting her Doctor.  And as he’s showing the utmost in bedside manner, I am staring at him, mouth open, in awe of his physical looks.

Seriously.  Best looking man I have ever seen.  Tall, body like a Greek God. Dark wavy hair perfectly sitting atop a face with the most sculpted cheek bones and piercing, big brown eyes .  I’ve seen famous heartthrob actors in person and not one has come close to the natural good looks of this man in front of me.

After a few reassuring moments he left J, she finished her entry paperwork, stood up to face me and simply said “Well, I’m calm now.” and then she smiled. “If I were 40 years younger…”

To which I could only say “I know…Oh my God, how cute was he!”

We were teenage girls. Giddy.

J went back to prepare for surgery, but when she was in her gown, I was allowed to go back and sit with her until it was time for her procedure.  Of course, when I got back to her curtain partitioned cubicle, Dr. Too Good Looking for Words was there.  Now, with breast cancer, or I guess any surgery being done on something that has a right or a left, every person in the hospital must initial the body part to be worked on.  S0, 2 nurses had already initialed her left breast.  When I was there, Dr. TGLFW asked her: “Can I take a peak at your left breast so I can initial it?”

Now, I had to sit on my hand because I wanted to raise it and say “You can take a peak at my left breast. Hell, you can take a peak at my right breast.  You can take a peak at anything you want.” But I didn’t.  I mean, this particular moment in time wasn’t about me.  But yes- that attractive.

So what’s the point, other than I’m attracted to a nice face?  Well, I guess that is the point: if I ever say looks don’t matter, I am so lying..

J was instantly calmed looking into his soulful eyes- and yes, I will admit his innate charm didn’t hurt either.

But his looks…

So there you go- I can be swayed by a pretty face..

But in the end it takes more than a pretty face- I need someone way smarter than me: Oh wait- he’s a surgeon in a world renowned hospital….

Good thing I’m totally in love with someone….





39 thoughts on “Calling Doctor …

  1. I believe the most handsome man I ever met was a tour guide in Oman. I went on a tour with his group with several people and he invited me to sit up front of the jeep as we left from Dubai. I didn’t speak much: I just breathed in and out thinking this is an adventure. I hope your friend is ok. I do love my husband and that is a great thing! One of my husband’s female doctors is very attractive I noticed upon meeting her. I just smiled and wondered if my husband noticed.I am glad she is looking out for him and nice to look at, also!

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      1. OH, yes and he owned the tour company. He was like an Ernest Hemingway wild life wrapped in one located in Dubai. I think I kept the name of the Tour Group for awhile and then one day, I just lost the card. Life continues.

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  2. I was thinking this very same thing the other day at work. A new resident OB was on call with one of our long time providers. He didn’t have much to do as we weren’t very busy so every time I went to the desk to file a record he was somewhere in the area. Dear god, if I was only about 30 years younger… It was so hard not to stare and I ran out of excuses to walk up front. All in all, it livened up my weekend considerably!

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    1. I think they’re overly zealous at this hospital because everyone who came into her cubicle asked if they could check and initial….


  3. LOL. I’ve seen some firemen who do that to me…almost make me want to have an accidental house fire or something. I can feel my face flush when that happens. I’m surprised she was able to walk home after the procedure. You must not live too far away.

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  4. Holy cow. I had breast cancer many years ago. I might need a checkup. In New York. At a specific hospital. I have a chiropractor who strongly resembles Matthew McConaughey. It’s all I can do not to giggle like a teenager when he enters the room.

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