I know I joke about the old age/not remembering things, but I actually have a decent memory.  I have a great head for trivial facts (- I’m the teammate you want at any trivia contest- last time my friends and I were playing Tuesday night trivia at the local bar most of out team bailed- my one friend and I still finished second amongst teams of 5 or 6).  Thought I write out detailed to do lists, I have a reasonable good recall of what needs to be done (but to be fair, I am so routine and automated that Tuesday just equals “change sheets” in my mind)

Now numbers- numbers are a different thing.  I am horrible with phone numbers, and really bad with birthdays.  I remember one of my friends because it is exactly a month after mine, as I am good with any birthday that is on the 10th of a month.  I’ll let you in on a secret- I forgot my anniversary last month- I only remembered when I saw it was the birthday of my friend S, and I remembered saying Happy Birthday to her at my wedding speech. So, don’t ever ask my what my daughters cell phone number is, or what my Husbands birthday is.  I’d have to look at my calendar.

My memory was tested earlier this month though.  I use our virtual assistant Alexa when I am organizing my grocery list.  It’s easy to say “Alexa, add chick peas to shopping list” as I scan the recipe that I am making. It automatically uploads to my phone app.  I open the app at the store and magically, my grocery list appears.  It’s a beautiful thing.  Except when it’s not.

When I got to the market a few weeks ago, I clicked on the app, but it didn’t open.  Apparently there was a loading issue. After frantically pressing the “button” about a thousand times, and turning my phone off and on, off and on, the app finally opened.  But my shopping list wasn’t there.  It was empty.

So I had a full blown panic attack in the cheese section.  Luckily it was refrigerated so I didn’t break into a sweat. But I felt my inner calm crumbling like an aged bleu.  What was I going to do about dinner?  I am nothing without my grocery list.  I am a fraud without a recipe…

So I had to regroup.  I had to sit and really think about what I was making that night.  It was Monday, so I knew it would be meatless….(see the beauty of having patterns) And I thought- what was the recipe base? quinoa, rice. pasta, bread?  What veggies were in it? Oh for the love of God did it include beans???

And then an angel whispered in my ear “Chives”.  And my first thought was, yes Virginia, there are chives in my recipe.  And then I thought OK, but a dish of chopped chives is not very appetizing, so what else is in the dish? Then the devil whispered in my ear “Flaming Cheetoes” which I almost picked up, but then I thought- no- I know there are no flaming cheetoes in my dinner, even thought they are oddly delicious.

So I walked away from the snack aisle and kept saying to myself- what goes with chives, what would I add chives to?  Wait pasta- it’s papparedelle. So I ran over to the fresh pasta section and grabbed a packet. Sauce?  What was the sauce?

I went back to the veggie aisle and looked- what kind of sauce was I making?  And I saw basil- and I remembered pesto…but it wasn’t an herby pesto…what was the main ingredient?

Peas.  It was a spring pea pesto with chives and ricotta cheese and lemon.

Yay me. I had the ingredients for dinner.

But did we need any staples?  Was there anything we were out of that I needed to buy?  I played the final jeopardy theme in my head, giving myself the thirty second countdown I so needed to jostle my brain.

Coffee creamer!  Yes!  We needed creamer.

OK.  I counted the number of items in my basket. Six items.  But I think there were seven things on my list.  What was the last thing?


Devil kept saying flaming cheetoes…

Thinking and trying not to pick up flaming cheetoes….

And then- a voice from the heavens…

Non fat, vanilla greek yogurt.


Non fat, vanilla, Greek yogurt.  I can eat lunch tomorrow when I mix the yogurt with the strawberries I got at the farmer’s market…

I did a little dance as I waltzed back over to dairy- not even annoyed that I went back and forth across the store a thousand times. (OK- I was a little annoyed- it’s a big store) I felt like I was in a musical.  Everything was coming up groceries….

I sauntered up to the check out line- thrilled that I had passed this pop quiz of remembering all the things I needed to buy…

And reminded myself that I can do anything that I set my mind to if I want it bad enough.  Today it was the grocery list, but who knows what tomorrow will bring…



28 thoughts on “Remember

  1. See, that’s the one thing I remember the most about: groceries. If I force myself to walk thru every aisle it is highly likely I will recall something I wrote down on a forgotten list.

    Doesn’t mean I don’t forget stuff, but for the most part, I’m pretty good at remembering. Probably helps that I do 99% of the cooking/feeding the family. 🙂

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  2. Although its probably the same store you always go to,some stores block cell phones. Tried topull up a list from my notes-no way jose. Luckily I can remember reams of useless crap.

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  3. Those cheetoes had your number and were making you dance! Great description. Have you ever noticed how challenging it is to add up the cost? I tried one day to open up the calculator and I tabbed in three items and then my phone rang and I jumped. It was a wrong number or rather a robo call and when I came back to the calculator, it said $50.82 for three items. Then I noticed one of the ladies from the gym on her phone and I said, “Hey, don’t you go to the gym on….” And we began talking about diets because her app was for weight watchers not scanning prices. I finally gave up and when I got to the cashier and she said, “$42.38: I was just glad that I hadn’t spent more than $50.82.

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  4. My sister calls me “The Queen of Useless Information” and won’t play trivia games if I’m playing. I’m waiting for the day she needs someone who knows lots of useless information on her team for a charity event or something, because it will be me she calls🤗

    Well played on the list. Patterns are beautiful. Repetition is soothing. We are all pavlov’s dogs.

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  5. I go the paper route as well, and if I don’t have it I might…MIGHT be lucky to remember a few things from the list…just about the time I give up, leave the store and drive away!

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  6. Like you, I cannot remember numbers. The few that I do remember are totally useless. My memory is pretty good for a forgotten grocery list. I’m glad you remembered everything on your list and could dance home with a victorious feeling.

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  7. I do think that technology has caused us to have to remember less. I used to have my family and friend’s phone numbers memorized. No more! I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. I am all about writing everything down that I want to remember. If I don’t, It’s gone!

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  8. I did the same thing day before yesterday. I’m very much a list maker and even put “make grocery list” on my to-dos the day before I go to the store. I had the list made, was quite content with it, and instead of putting it in my purse like a sensible human being, I sat it down on the bedside table…and that’s where it stayed. I’m just not “with it” when it comes to some technology. Now I’m a computer nerd with the best of them, but when it comes to the whole mobile thing, I checked out a long time ago. I guess it comes with growing up in the days pre-social media. I like getting out an actual piece of paper with some form of cute message or unique formatting that represents a shopping list and writing down my thoughts…or am I just old…sigh

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  9. I forget our anniversary every year 🙂 I am impressed you remembered your list, I have to write everything down, if I lost the list that would be it. I would have had to go back home and start again. 🙂


  10. Hilarious! I keep all my lists in my phone also, and one day last week I accidentally erased all but the first item on it. Miraculously I remembered every single thing I needed without being even slightly tempted by flaming Cheetos.


    1. Alexa is the amazon virtual assistant thing. It’s actually really cool, though we mostly use it as a speaker, because we say “Alexa, play xxxxx on Spotify”. And it responds…”playing xxxx on Spotify”

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