It’s hot in NYC- I may have mentioned that about a thousand times.  For anyone who wants to visit NYC- try not to do it in the summer (I know- I know- sometimes it’s the only way you can) because it’s not only hot, it’s humid.  Sightseeing and humidity and crowds don’t mix. Also, if you’re visiting- avoid Times Square unless you’re going to the theater.  If you really need a candy fix, I recommend going to Hershey…and if you want to shop, the stores in Times Square can be found in any mall in America…But enough with a travel PSA.

Daughter is done with school and is working- there will be more about internship soon.

My life takes on a slightly different pattern in the summer- I spend more time just hanging out, looking for pockets of weather that are not egregious.  Also make use of vertical space, ie our building roof deck.


view from said roofdeck


But here’s the very short gist:

What I Read:

  1. “White Teeth” Zadie Smith (yes- this is one the of books for my daughters summer reading homework

What I Watched:

  1. “The Incredibles 2”
  2. “Bao” – the short that is played before Incredibles and is my bet to be nominated for best animated short because it appears Americans don’t understand it, so the academy is sure to take that as a sign of intellectual genius
  3. “Next Food Network Star”

What I Did:

  1. NY Mets- Citi Field- Mets beat Pirates (honestly- should have put Met victory as one of the things I was grateful for, as they are few and far between, and I can’t imagine the entire team not being traded…)
  2. 20180626_223151207453501.jpg


And that about wraps up my very quiet week.  Here’s to summer and staying cool…

17 thoughts on “My Week In Review (June 30)

      1. I suspect the people who didn’t understand it mustn’t be moms. 😉
        I actually read about it too. Apparently the filmmaker has proposed three ideas to Pixar and one of them is going to be a feature film! I look forward to seeing that!

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  1. I remember those hot New York days. Sometimes we went to the Hamptons where my aunt had a house: if it wasn’t full of people. Once I dated a man who had family that had a beautiful summer home in East Hampton. I think I preferred going there to dating him towards the end. Your roof sounds lovely. I also visited the Citicorp Building, museums to stay cool.

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      1. Yes, I was lucky in that my aunt belonged to a beach club, so when I was growing up and we visited: it was very private. With my date, we visited off season his families house and the beach was private and mostly empty. This year my aunt is selling her summer house. It has become very expensive there but in the past, it was lovely to be there off season also.

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      2. The hamptons have really become a scene….and I don’t like that. One of my friends has a beach house on the jersey shore which I prefer!!

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  2. Wow!you get to see film shorts? The only time we ever hear of them are at academy awards. Always ask husband where they show these. No one knows.

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    1. Well, this one is being shown with incredible 2, but I see the academy award shorts every year…this theater in the city plays them all. Normally you can see shorts at film festivals, and some of them are on some of the cable channels


  3. Same weather in Toronto. We’re probably the only family in the ‘hood without elaborate plans. And, we don’t mind! Time to decompress.

    Love the view!!


  4. I have to thank you for your PSA!!! Really – I know NYC can be nice but summer with the crowds and the heat it is horrible. I hear it all the time from Netherlanders who go there on summer vacation and I just think Duh!!! But, if summer vacation is the only time you have to visit then I guess you should be informed.

    Had to laugh about the Mets! I am a Twins and Pirates and Cardinals fan. So Mets are not even in my list but I know how I feel when the Twins play badly and sometimes I feel the whole team should also be traded.



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