It’s summer and it’s hot.  I am grateful for summer, but not so happy with the humidity level in the city.  C’est la vie…

  1. My friend received word that the cancerous mass was removed entirely.  She obviously has to go for check ups every three months, but so far…
  2. my favorite walking sandals did not break until I got home
  3. Sketchers had sandals 30% off and I found a comfy pair in my size
  4. the worst problem I had this week was that my favorite comfy sandals broke
  5. air conditioning (I know I’ve said this before, but NYC is hot right now, and getting hotter)
  6. great dinners at beautiful restaurants with  great friends
  7. veggie chili frito pie
  8. cell phone cases with room to store credit cards
  9. AMEX fraud hotline which alerted us that our card was hacked
  10. my new dishwasher was installed
  11. don’t need to handwash dishes
  12. little cascade pods that come free with new dishwasher
  13. roof tops
  14. blogging friends

Honestly, there were probably more, but once you know a friend is going to be fine, does anything else matter?

Peace and love!!!

33 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday 6/30

  1. Enjoy the day. I broke my sandals (my favorite pair) from the UAE. There are like sandals/flip flops for exercising. They lasted 7 years. To fix them is going to cost $18 and I paid about $75 for them. At which time, I was outraged but they were a good investment. I just don’t know whether to throw them away or go ahead and get them fixed. That was the biggest problem of my week that week. I think I will fix them. I might also write a story about where those shoes traveled to!

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  2. You probably could have begun and ended with your friend being OK, because things like that really put everything else into perspective. Happy things turned out well for her. But I’m with you on those dishwasher pods. I love them almost as much as the ones for the washing machine.

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  3. Glad to hear your friend’s okay. ☺️

    I hate it when my favorite shoes break. With my flat, plantar-fasciitis feet it’s hard finding shoes that are comfortable. I bought a pair of Sketchers that make me feel like I’m walking on clouds!! I hope I don’t wear them out too quickly. 😉

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