I am a little tired right now- for reasons that will be obvious in a moment.  This was a pretty good week- sometimes things work out fine.

I took my friend for her procedure the other day.  I will expound upon this in a future post.  She got through the procedure very well, and needs to go back for a follow up next week.  Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and good wishes!!!

My daughter finished her last test, and begins her internship tomorrow.  (I’m pretty sure there will be a future post about that as well)

What I Watched:

  1. “Tag” in theaters.  Fun movie, though not exceptionally great filmmaking.
  2. “Queer Eye” Netflix – I like the original Fab 5 better, but these guys are still pretty cool
  3. Conclusion of Haley Dean Mystery Month- Hallmark Channel. Obvious, but fun

What I Read:

  1. “The Atomic City Girls” Janet Beard –Last Sunday, as I was organizing the week ahead, I realized “Oops, I have book club this week, and oops, I haven’t read the book.  (OK- I didn’t say “oops”- it may have been another 4 letter word) so I had to power through this one.  Luckily is was light, trite and brainless…
  2. “One of Us is Lying” Karen M. McManus— My daughter just read this book (YA) and asked me to read it to see if I figured out the who in who dun it… I have a guess, but today’s YA goes out of its way to “trick” the reader, while giving no substantive clues, so who knows…

What I Saw Live:


Yes- I saw Lynyrd Skynyrd live.  For the first time.  And I got to hear “Freebird” – one of my all time favorite songs- for the first time live.  And it might be the single greatest song I have ever heard performed live.  Awesome moment…

What appeared on my playlist:

  1. Lynyrd Skynrd- obviously this featured heavily on this weeks playlist
  2. T
  3. Ty Segall
  4. Drive by Truckers
  5. Brothers Osborne
  6. Bon Jovi
  7. “Revamp; The Songs of Elton John and Bernie Taupin” – stars covering the songs of this duo
  8. Elton John – Duh…
  9. Brandi Carlile
  10. and…this weeks earworm song (OK- not really earworm- my daughter has been playing/watching video of this song constantly so I can’t help but hear it…  “Girls Like You” by Maroon 5

Random Question:

What’s Your Bedtime Routine:

  1. wash face, three times a weeks apply masque, make sure I use at least 5 million facial products
  2. moisturize entire body
  3. make tea
  4. go over next day schedule and to do list
  5. lay out gym clothes and outfit
  6. make sure anything that need to go out of house (dry cleaning, etc) is on top of entryway ottoman
  7. write in my journal
  8. read for half hour


Have a great week all!!!!!  Peace and Love




28 thoughts on “My Week in Review

  1. I have recently listened to Bon Jovi too…lol. They have so much energy!

    My bedtime routine changes slightly depending on whether I’m out at sports with the minions or not. But I always, always wash my face and remove the very minimal makeup no matter how late we get in. I wear contacts so there’s that routine as well (I don’t skimp on cleaning those, I do it every single night). Moisturize my face is a must, but I don’t do the rest of me until I’m in bed, probably with the tv on. All the dry spots, and my eczema spots, get extra attention with Shea butter, and sometimes, an anti-itch lotion below that. I read a bit and go to sleep relatively early because I’m an early rise.

    What I don’t do is consult to do lists for the next day. Just stresses me out. That’s for the morning, with coffee. 🙂

    I noticed you read my dystopia post…thank you for reading! I had hoped you would scroll down and have a look at that. 🙂 Do you watch the Handmaid’s Tale?

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    1. I don’t get the channel it’s on, so no, hVent seen it. But recently read the book. There are many ways/levels to interpret that novel. I didn’t love the book but it was well written

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      1. We don’t have HULU or whatever either, but the station it comes on here is with our basic cable package…it’s very compelling and it’s hard to turn away from it. I usually am not a fan of shows based on books, I prefer the books, but they did a fantastic job with this one. Very preoccupying.

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  2. I keep it simple with moisturize face, brush teeth and try not to read something so scary that I will wake up in the middle of the night convinced someone is opening our door as I am a light sleeper. I am usually in bed latest by 10:00 and up early. I try not to think too much about lists. If I am going to work or the gym, i do think about my clothes.

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  3. We’ve seen Lynyrd Skynyrd a couple of times now. They can get the crowd going, can’t they? Sounds like a busy week for you. Glad the procedure went well for your friend. I’ve mostly only been watching the baseball games. My big excitement this week was having my book appear in the digital library at the Brooklyn Art Library as part of The Sketchbook Project. Last time I looked it was viewed almost 200 times and not all by me! Happy Sunday!

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  4. Like to hear about people’s bedtime routines. Mine is – sort the dog out, tidy any unwashed crockery into dishwasher, upstairs to cleanse and moisturise face only. The rest happens after shower. Clean and floss teeth. Don’t do lists. Usually go straight to sleep but before I do, might do silent critique of any interesting film or programme watched during the evening. Always sends me off.

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  5. I never get tired of Freebird, though I thought the band perished in a plane crash. (That tells you how much I know.) Sounds like a great time, and glad the (“new”) band is still making music.

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