This week was filled with many great things, though I have friends that had tough weeks.  I’m trying to remember that life has ups and downs, and we just need to learn to navigate them as best we can.  So on that note, my serious and not totally serious gratitude list:

  1. calories don’t count when you eat the samples at Trader Joes
  2. that there weren’t too many accidents when the two lines of people trying to check out of Trader Joe’s had to merge to one line
  3. That the line was just long enough for me to think of things to be grateful for while I was waiting in a very hot store
  4. my daughter only had a mini meltdown two days before the Physics regents
  5. tulips (back at Trader Joe’s references)
  6. I still have fingers, and my dog has eyes, after I needed to trim the hair around her eyes
  7. having a spare AAA battery when my digital meat thermometer died as I was preparing a very temperature sensitive beef tenderloin
  8. having the ability to support by friends who needed a little help this week
  9. dreams
  10. the ability to help my daughter find inexpensive work appropriate clothing
  11. that I didn’t throw my ipad out the window when I reached the final question on HQ THREE times this week and I did not win…
  12. books that make me realize that other people have the same issues that I have

16 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday- June 23

  1. I love Trader Joes. We have several in Tampa. I was always curious if you have a Walmart’s nearby? The neighborhood market is so handy with the vegetables and easy convenience. I remember living in the city so many decades ago and eating constantly on the run. There was a little convenience store nearby and one understocked grocery store. I lived on Abingdon Square in the village for several years until my roommate who charged me a very reasonable rate (found through a friend of a friend) had her friend studying ballet and wanting to move back in. And she was her best friend. I stumbled around trying to find alternate housing and finally ended up leaving to begin a new chapter elsewhere. Memories! I am grateful for good ones and that I survived them.

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