45 thoughts on “New York Botanic Garden

  1. Wow, I absolutely love roses. When I was in Italy, I noticed that so many Italians have roses in their gardens! I always thought they were difficult to grow, but they were everywhere. The Italians believe in Saints a lot. St Theresa of the rose was known for working in the garden and loving roses. When she died it is said she showered the earth with roses.

    Also, it is said that if we pray to St. Theresa in times of trouble that as you go along with your life in a day, a week, a month… we don’t know the time, but at some point you will either receive a rose OR like today, if I had been praying to her, I would receive your email with roses as a “sign” that my prayers are heard and being worked on. So, THANK YOU for sending us roses! It’s going to be a wonderful day… even though it is pouring rain outside, you have made me think of St. Theresa! Thank you!

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  2. These are lovely – you got great results from your me time.
    You’ve also reminded me that I’ve yet to download photos from last weekend’s trip to a rose garden with my Mum. I hope I’m as happy with my results 🙂

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