When I was sick, I watched a bunch of light TV- which for me is HGTV. I spent much of three weeks sleeping, catching naps in fits and starts, so watching a deep show from start to finish was impossible.  But with the home channel…  I didn’t care if I missed the “reveal” of a home makeover show- or came in after the tiny house couple complained about the lack of space for a tub and their home brewing equipment. It was easy to catch up or catch on to the situation.  I was also able to play my favorite game- will this couple’s relationship make it through the reno…

Renovation shows are my favorite.  I love looking at the old, out of date houses and listening to what can be done with them.  I am not creative like that: when I see an old house I see just that: an old house. I don’t have the vision to see “what could be”.  So these shows both stimulate and teach me.  And they’re pretty…

One day I watched “Beachfront Bargain Hunt: Renovation.” This particular episode featured a woman in her twenties who had recently gone through treatment for cancer.  She was moving to a part of North Carolina to be closer to her parents.  And I was touched by the story: seeing the closeness of the family, seeing a young woman taking her life back after illness.  And you know, the search for the perfect beachfront property that this girl would make her dream home.

A few weeks ago, I was watching Good Morning America.  They always give you a preview of what’s to come later in the show, and one of the teasers said “Woman Saved by Man watching TV Show.” (it was probably more pithy- but I wasn’t playing close attention- morning TV in my house is just  background noise that I pretend equates to watching the news).

And I went about my morning stuff of feeding the pets and going over my to do list and putting on gym clothes.  And then the story came on: and you know the story was about the episode of BBH:R that I watched.  So I grabbed my water bottle and actually sat down.

It turns out, the day I sat in my NYC apartment watching this particular episode of the show, a Doctor on Long Island was watching the show.  A Doctor who finds watching the show relaxing and the perfect way to unwind after a day of doctoring.  A Doctor who never really relaxes though, and never actually gets out of Doctor mode, because as he was watching the show he saw something on the young woman’s neck that he found disturbing.  He didn’t like the way something looked.  He became concerned.

He immediately began reaching out to social media.  He went onto any outlet that HGTV followers were apt to look at.  He stressed that it was a matter of life or death: that this young woman needed to go to a Doctor immediately.  He was pretty sure that something was wrong.

We all know about the bombardment of things on social media.  We are all too aware of stalkers and just general crazy people.  But, we must also remember that not everyone shouting the sky is falling is necessarily crazy or a stalker.  And this woman heard the message.  This young woman went to her Doctor.  It was cancer.

I watched this young woman and this Doctor meet live on GMA.  I looked at her as she told him Thank You.  I watched as he humbly accepted her gratitude. And yes, I got a little teary eyed.  I also thought about life: woman buys her house on TV, Doctor in different part of country watches it, life may be saved…

So I sit here today thinking about coincidence.  I sit thinking about how maybe it’s good that we have over analyzers who have brains that never shut down.  I remember that social media can be a nuisance, yet it also works in mysterious ways.  I try to come up with a title for this post (a challenge on any day) and I can’t think of a good word or phrase to sum up what I’m feeling.  Because what can you say about a story like this?



34 thoughts on “Wow

      1. Absolutely, the Universe or Guardian Angel at work… I recently read a book called, “Dying to be Me,” by Anita Moorjani, it was very interesting. She gives a TedX too about how she was dying of cancer, but had an out of body experience and then recovered. Makes us think… like your story as well. Thanks for sharing.

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  1. That’s really incredible, no I think it’s a miracle. I remember when Bart Giamatti died of a sudden heart attack, a doctor recalled seeing his fingernails on a plane ride and being to tell he had heart disease. They see things we can’t.

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  2. Won’t feel so guilty about binge watching HGTV because who knows what I might see and be able to report to some new homeowner that in 5 five years you are going to regret an all white kitchen because all you will be doing is cleaning it!

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  3. Interesting. Pawn stars is great to watch. Being home during the summer and subject to repeats is no fun. If you have Netflix, and this is not new, watch Lilyhammer and Ozarks. Both are discontinued but really engrossing. I enjoy watching Steve Harvey’s show but I feel so bad watching tv during the day or morning. It takes me a long time to relax and enjoy even when doing the chores which is why I like whenparkspeaks reply!! Enjoy your day!

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  4. What a great story! I think there are so many like this physician out there as well as all kinds of medical personnel. I might be biased, I’ve worked in health care for 37 years in many areas, HR, Home Care, now in electronic medical records. It’s amazing what I’ve seen the medical staff do and what they give up to serve. It’s not all about the money, they give their all. ❤️👩🏻‍💻

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  5. Love this piece! WOW also stands for Women Of War. Healing can come from the strangest of places and none of us really understands how the universe works it’s wonders. I am thankful and still even a bit shocked when strange and wonderful things happen. Just when I think I have seen it all something else shows me that “I have NOT seen it ALL”. Thanks for posting!

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  6. I believe I saw that same story quite some time ago and it stuck with me. That woman was so fortunate the doctor was watching. And yes, although social media can be troublesome at times, it can also serve many useful purposes.

    Have a great weekend.

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