Happy Father’s Day to all the parental figures out there!  My Dad and Father in law will be joining us today.  I’m betting there is a blog in this somewhere.  Stay tuned!

My Daughter finished Junior Year classes this week.  Wow.  I remember telling you she started classes – and now it’s over. Onward and upward!

I finally bowed to family pressure and bought a new dishwasher.  Oddly, I wasn’t going to buy a new one yet- I was still playing Torquemada and torturing them- but as I was walking yesterday I passed the appliance store and saw a great price on one, which was made great by an employee mismarking the sale price (sorry- not sorry) and it’s in stock, so once I get the paperwork sorted (living in a co op has certain rules and restrictions) I will have a dishwasher!  OK- I was at about my limit of them washing the dishes…

What I Saw/Watched:

  1. Ocean’s 8 (fun and fluffy and cool clothes)
  2. MasterChef (Fox TV)
  3. I have found no summer TV that I like- here’s to nice weather

What I did:

  1. There is an outdoor exhibit of pianos.  The pianos are painted in a theme (this year is Broadway) and they are placed all over the city.  I went to check out some yesterday.  My favorite was from “Dear Evan Hanson”DSC04108
  2. On my way to find a piano, I had jotted (in my memory, why write something down when I can try to memorize 5 addresses) I thought that address of a piano was 474 Sixth Avenue.  And when I approached what appeared to me 474 Sixth I saw a park.  As most of these pianos are in parks and squares, I assumed this was right.  Well, I had the address wrong, and it was not the right place, but I found this awesome little park- Jefferson Market Park.  So I looked at flowers, and sat on a bench, and just thought about everything.  It was a perfect, unexpected moment,

    and oddly exactly what I needed yesterday.

  3. Last PTA meeting of the year- possibly forever.  I’m already experiencing parental senioritis

What I listened to:

Yes- it’s eclectic.  What did you expect?

  1. “Thinking out Loud” Ed Sheeran (earworm- got this stuck in my head on Thursday and couldn’t shake it- it’s playing in a loop in my brain)
  2. “Farewell Transition” Kevin Molloy
  3. “Every time the Feeling” Nap Eyes
  4. “Nice and Quiet” Bedouine
  5. Carpriccio espagnol Op. 34 conducted by Bernstein (expect a lot of Bernstein- he and I are having a moment)
  6. “Shoot the Straight” Brothers Osborne
  7. “L-O-V-E” Gregory Porter – this is a new version of an iconic song, and I think it’s a brilliant update

What I read:

  1. “How Hard Can it Be” Allison Pearson (I loved “I Don’t Know How She Does it” and I am enjoying reading about Kate again.  She’s gotten older but hasn’t really grown up.
  2. “The Ever After”- I finished it- and I told (I think- see I need to write everything down)  Nina I would give my thoughts, so here’s spoilers and my thoughts:

OK- first off. I recently read the book Pekkanen cowrote (“The Wife Between Us”) and her characters “sound” the same, even though they are supposed to be different.  I know her character is supposed to be strong, but I felt the main character was a total wimp and too stereotypical- she was like a stock character of the spouse who is cheated on (and to be clear I thought Pekkanen so overdramatized the situation.)  But, there are bound to be people who will cheer this book and the character, but those same people will hate the ending.  I thought it was very average and the main character wasn’t well drawn out.  Also, the husband was poorly written, as were the friends.  All the people were one dimensional and typical.  For a book that is probably supposed to be character/plot, the whole thing was too safe and predictable. Bleh….

Random Question:

What is in your fridge now:

  1. Baby spinach
  2. strawberries
  3. probably 6 different kinds of hot sauce
  4. cherries
  5. ginger ale, sprite and Snapple iced tea (my daughter had friends over Friday night)
  6. water
  7. really rotten lime
  8. champagne
  9. some white wine I threw in when I realized there was no chilled white
  10. heavy cream
  11. coffee creamer
  12. leftover mac and cheese
  13. chocolate frosting (kids again)
  14. parmesan
  15. mozzarella
  16. walnuts
  17. eggs
  18. parsley
  19. peanut butter
  20. peach preserves
  21. the standard condiments (well, standard for us as I don’t know how many people have fish sauce and oyster sauce in their condiment section)

And no- I haven’t reorganized the fridge but I need to soon.  I can’t let them put away groceries ever again…



13 thoughts on “My Week in Review

  1. I go food shopping on mondays and I have to remember to clean out the fridge tonight so I can fit new stuff in. I am afraid I have let a few things turn into science projects because they were pushed to the back. I can’t blame anyone else as I put it all away. Love your little park, what a nice break. My cousin who lives in NYC keeps posting pictures on facebook and quizzing people about where she is! I never know because I don’t know the city but she sure finds some interesting places!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks!! I miss you! Have been crazy lately….ok…I know I’m always a bit crazy, more crazy busy!! Coffee/tea soon!! Can’t wait to hear about Italy!.,xo

      Liked by 1 person

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