This was quite a week around here.  Sometimes you just have a week where life just falls into place.  Hold onto these moments.  These are the best moments in life.

  1. Surprises
  2. friends who trust you, and those you trust
  3. my daughter had her last day of class, and only one test left
  4. college tour 2018 is just about booked
  5. red meat (I know this sounds strange, but trust me- sometimes all you need is a slice of roast beef)
  6. getting a good rewrite on chapters I was struggling with
  7. email- seriously- I know the kids today downplay it, but really- it’s a marvel
  8. bouncing back from adversity
  9. I found no errant chin hairs this week
  10. I remembered tide pods when I did the wash
  11. I found things to write down as I forgot to keep a running list this week…

Sometimes life just hands you something you don’t know if you deserve- and those are always the things to be most grateful for, the unexpected turn of events that makes everything make sense.  Don’t ever take these moments for granted- you might only get one or two in life.

Love and peace to you all!!  Have a great week.

26 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday 6/16

  1. The red meat sounds delicious. Sometimes nuts and rice and tofu cannot do the trick. I keep running lists of things to blog about. Sometimes the best inspiration comes from errant moments which I cannot control and for this I am grateful.

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  2. Wonderful that you had such a good week! You are so right, savor those happy moments!! Here’s too more! 🙂 Yay to your daughter on just 1 test left! Good luck to her!
    Trusted friends are indeed a priceless blessing and yes I have been grateful for email as well, the younger generation just doesn’t get it! LOL!

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