I consider myself an over thinker.  And most of you are reading this statement and thinking, “Really?  You think?” because we know I tend to get an idea in my head and then I beat it to death.  I write a post, and someone comments, and I start thinking about the subject in another way, and the next think you know, there is a follow up of sorts, with a whole new spin.  And then a follow up to the follow up.  This is my pattern.

I am always thinking.  I think (no pun intended) most people are always thinking, but I have brought it to a new and ridiculous level.  I read things and ponder word choice. When I was in my writing group yesterday I grilled my friend as to why she chose to say “Oh Mama” at a certain point?  What was the significance?  Was there foreshadowing?  We talked for five minutes about “Oh Mama”.

I wonder why something was done in a certain manner. Why was the choice to have the Bride speak first at the wedding?  Was there a reason behind that? Why not the groom?

I’m the person who always figures out the “twist” in a book or a movie.  (for the record, “The Sixth Sense” was the last thing to truly surprise me) I figure out murderers in mysteries very quickly, and sometimes it’s in very bizarre ways- there was one book that I figured out the murderer because the book changed personal perspective after each chapter, so I knew the murderer had to be the one character who never had a chapter written from their perspective…

I can’t leave things alone.  I am compelled to analyze.

Then, I started to read a bit about over thinkers.  And guess what?  By the classic definition of an over thinker, I am not an over thinker.  Over thinkers tend to have difficulty making decisions- they hem and haw and never come to a conclusion.  This is really the hallmark trait of an over thinker- indecisiveness. And the one thing I’m not is indecisive.  I make logical, well thought out decisions and I don’t waver or go back and forth.   Making decisions is one of my strengths.

Ha.  Well I’ll be.  How could I actually be an over thinker if I’ve never over thought over thinking?

So what am I?

Be careful what you write in comments…

Over Analyzer?  Is that a thing or did I just trademark that?  What do you call someone who beats a subject to death in their mind?


Well, sure- that totally comes to mind…


I’ll take that as well.

But why am I so worried that I have to have the proper label attached to me?  What is so compelling about putting myself in a little box?

OK.  I’m going to go think about that.  Or am I going to analyze that?  or is there another, better word?

See what I mean…

45 thoughts on “Over thinking

  1. I think a lot as well, and likely over analyze too much. Not so much the general things, like the book characters you mentioned, but more the major events that may/ or may not impact my day/life. I decided long ago that it must be my way to try to control what I see as something I likely have no control over. If I think of every possible angle or eventuality then perhaps I will be more prepared if the worst comes…?? and pleasantly surprised and happy if it all turns out to be no big deal!

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  2. Obsessive thinking?
    You were on a really good roll with your coloums. Good,thoughtful conversation flowed back&forth. Then you went to an event with the in-laws and you were knocked off your game. Take a breath,do something fun.It’ll be ok

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    1. Or, yo7 could say that since I write my blog ideas two to three weeks in advance, and I was sick for 3 weeks and I didn’t write, so when I began writing again the ideas were back from early April, and the bar mitzvah was on 5/19, getting sick had an impact on me….


  3. When I read the title, I knew I had to read this post through (some days I skim, like yesterday’s post…….it’s a time thing…..I wanted to comment, but I had a decision I needed to ponder). I thought you might pose some strategies for my over thinking. I’m pretty sure I fit the definition of an over thinker…..truly. Decisions can make me distraught sometimes.

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    1. I have no problem with decisions. I just can’t pass my the ability to overthink something. Here’s my thing for decisions…pro and con list and trust your gut instinct!

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  4. Making good decisions is not an intuitive trait but one which I believe comes with age and having the luck of a good perspective and time to think about it. Sometimes life throws curve balls and this is when we over think thinks but looking back, we may be doing much better with our decisions and landed up in a good place merely by the luck of the drawer or choosing the worse of two evils. Yesterday I hemmed and hawed over which scratch off lottery ticket to buy then I went to the store and they didn’t have any of the ones I wanted left, so I had to take what was there: making a quick decision. I didn’t expect to win as it was an old card but my chances of hitting were actually the same and I won the $10 back.If I had chosen my free time to go from convenience store to convenience store, I would have prolonged the decision and made myself crazy with indecision. Sometimes thinking is good but overthinking can be bad for mental health and that is when I try not to over think.

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    1. I can’t help but overthink things. But I am an excellent decision maker even if it doesn’t work out well in the end. Not everything ends up the way you plan

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      1. I have learned through time to make decisions and most of them have been good ones. If someone rushes me or I feel strangely about the decision, I run. True.


  5. I’d agree you are an analytical thinker. That’s a good thing! My husband’s indecisiveness not only stems from overthinking, but anxiety. Since I make decisions quickly, I find it agonizing, but research shows neither fast or slow deciders make better decisions. It’s about equal. Now, as for your need for a label? Maybe going a bit far.😊

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  6. You must be genetically related to Mr B, but not too closely because he makes a decision and then changes it and then changes it again and sometimes changing it back to the original.

    On second thought, you’re more like me. I apparently simmer & stew in shit a while without realizing it, and then come back to it consciously but with a different perspective

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  7. LOL! You have me cracking up. I would say that you are like my hubby. Not a over thinker as much as a analytical perhaps and like you said logical thinker.
    I fall more into the category of dreamer and impulsive. We balance each other out. 🙂

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    1. Impulsive I’m not. I may make a quick decision, but it’s based odd solid thought. But thanks for saying I’m not crazy!!😉


  8. Depending on the topic, I can be indecisive. So in those areas I’m an overthinker, I guess. However, in other areas I’m merely an overanalyzer. Why be stuck in one box when you can inhabit two of them?

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  9. Have you read Gretchen Rubins stuff? Especially about this idea of hers of the 4 tendencies? If not, you might find it interesting. I’m similar in that I’m always asking questions and analyzing but once I’ve data collected, I have no problems making a decision. So I consider myself a Questioner, and a Data Collector. I want to know the whys.


  10. Many MANY occasions I’ve commented on a writer’s blog (yours also) and a reply has given me an idea which I’ll run with, in fact your electrical device continually breaking down may yet make it out of draft, btw I’m an engineer by trade.


  11. The LOML is an over thinker to the point that he seriously gets paralyzed when having to make a decision. I can’t tell you how frustrating this is, especially as I am renowned for thinking on my feet. Very much gut instinct. We were recently invited to an interstate wedding requiring air travel. After consulting our diaries we agreed to extend this trip to a week long holiday. So we had dates and I gave the lad the web address to compare flight times and fares. It was too much for him . Too much too consider. He sat there for two hours going nowhere with it. Unfortunately, patience is not one of my virtues.

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  12. Are you a tactical thinker, or a strategist? Don’t overthink this. Rely on your innate sense of situational awareness.

    This response was composed on my old computer, because I just can’t decide which text editor I should load on my new computer.



  13. Well, I guess I’m truly an over thinker because I have a lot of trouble making decisions. I wish I could be firmer, but I have Catholic guilt to consider. I often try to do the right thing rather than what I really want, but I don’t think I’m going to change after all these years. I don’t know what to call you, except level-headed and obsessively organized. Sound good?


  14. My husband considers me the classic over thinker, but like you I am decisive. I don’t “what if” anything, I just make my best choice and run with it. So now I have to convince Studly that I’m not an over thinker. I’m just curious and insightful.


  15. Yes I am one too. Miss 11 was told by her teacher “not to overthink ” her correct solution to a maths problem the other day so I must have passed it on. But she is my only academically minded one so not all bad. Can just drive us over thinkers a bit bonkers sometimes being one 😊


  16. Great post! I absolutely overthink. I made a decision recently to get off Facebook and now I’m questioning my decision even though at the time I was 100% sure. I’m going to stick to my decision for now and I’ll go back in a year if I feel like I need to. I’m learning that if I make a choice not out of fear of but out of need, and then I question it later, I can question my question but live with my choice. How’s that for Logically thinking my overthinking?

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  17. Hi
    Thank you. I am happy to see your wonderful post. It gives me a thoughtful thinking and am  happy for that. That is always my intention to see a post that gives me happiness.

    Thinking is a normal day activities everyone does. Excess of it is very depressing.

    Wonderful post.

    Am happy  to share at least a part of that happiness and love here as am commenting now.



    Peace ✌and Love ❤

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  18. This all sounds very familiar. How do you get on talking to people who have strong opinions with little logical foundation? As a teacher, I’m used to working hard to understand what children are saying/trying to say, so I put an awful lot of effert into listening for understanding. Recently, however, after a sojourn on Twitter, I’ve been experiencing ‘thinking cramp’ due to the inability of some to stay on topic or respond to the previous comment, not the one in their heads; I end up worrying about the critical thinking skills of those in the conversation, and what is going on in our education systems these day.

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    1. You hit on my biggest problem…people who have an answer in their head and just say it even though it has nothing to do with the question. People don’t want to engage in discussion, they want to say an opinion and have you agree with them


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