My life continues to be filled with obligations.  What can I say about that?

  1. Yesterday was National Best Friend Day.  My three best friends since college: G, A and M. I can’t imagine a world without them cheering for me in the background
  2. Finding my tweezer so I could pluck that offending chin hair (thanks old age)
  3. That my laundry got clean after I realized that I shut the front load washer without putting in the tide pod
  4. That no one saw me sniff my clothes when I took them out of washing machine
  5. there’s no viral video of me sniffing my clothes because I missed someone filming me
  6. spring weather
  7. my daughter is done with Sat 2’s
  8. most college recruitment junk comes via email
  9. able to get back to pilates yesterday
  10. my pilates coach who made sure my breathing was ok and sent me great job texts after class
  11. Greek salad
  12. Husband is having a great time on his 50th birthday trip
  13. Sims mobile game
  14. rooftop in my building being open after it was closed for two years do to building repair
  15. good memories
  16. my desk is finally organized

14 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday June 9

  1. Don’t feel bad. I once kept forgetting to pull the clothes out of the dryer. So I kept turning them on to heat them up again to hopefully remove some wrinkles. Did this for three days…only to find that I’d forgotten to take them out of the washer! Yep, I fluffed AIR for three days! ~ Lynn

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