Awhile back, my friend SF said to me: “Really? What did you blog today? About a thousand words on your new planner?” And I responded “Yup. Write what you know and write what you love.”

So last year I waxed rhapsodic about the closest thing I had ever found to planner perfection. The only fault was that 1) is was an academic planner and went July to July and 2) it didn’t have enough room for notes.

Since this planner was going to end next month, I began searching for a new planner a few months ago. This is serious business. I think about planner before, and then I think about how functional it was for my needs, and then what improvements can I make. The biggest functionality issue I had was that it was 1 page per day. This was good, but not optimal, because I use a planner to plan our my week, not so much as an appointment calendar (I use the calendar on my phone- I like having my schedule available at all times and the ability to search quickly) but more as an organizing tool. I found the day by day planner too difficult to use, because I couldn’t see the week as a whole. Plus, I needed more note pages.

My research led me to Plum Paper. Disclaimer: I have not received anything from this company for talking about them today. I love this planner so much I had to share it with my world.



tabbed sections
Monthly Goal Setting and Overview
Monthly Note Pages(also blank pages at back of book)
Month at a glance with enough room to actually write things
I chose the weekly layout with mini day sections. I label them blog, dinner, top three, fun, self care, family, novel.  Note it has full columns for Saturday and Sunday.  So many planners combine the weekend, like we don’t have to actually do anything on the weekends.


A tracker page- caveat- if you use the page vertically there are not 31 boxes across, so I set this up landscape, but this leaves me too much wasted space.  This is the most basic design flaw I found.  I like a tracker page because it reminds me about daily tasks, like vitamins or cleaning the litter box.


And that’s all for today.  I need to start filling in all the blanks in my planner…







62 thoughts on “My New Planner…

  1. Ooooh! I love yours!
    I found designing a “bullet journal” was much to much for me, so I knew I needed something that was setup in a way I’d like without me having to do it myself.

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  2. I need a planner like that. I am overhauling so much in my life- I have my notebooks- I even bought a Bullet Journal- but I can’t seem to get into it. That journal you shared looks more like what I need. Have fun planning!

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    1. I couldn’t get into bullet journaling. Setting it up was too much work and I didn’t actually end up planning anything!! This is best I’ve found for me…so far!!


  3. Boy you look organized. I think I might have anxiety attacks if I didn’t complete everything on my list or be worried if my partner in crime might discover my planner and review everything written down. I have that propensity to want to seem mysterious.

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  4. OMG planners are such a thing! I like this one except I need my weekly days to be horizontal. Something about writing vertical turns me off. I also like the monthly because they keep the end of the month down at the end. I’ve seen some planners where they put the 31st at the top if it goes into five weeks if you know what I mean. That REALLY makes no sense to me!

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  5. I absolutely live getting my new yearly diary. My family find it very cute as I have to.make everything so neat ! By December it’s looking a bit haphazard 😉. This planner looks awesome xx

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  6. Beautiful planner! I have office supply issues 😂👩🏻‍💻, but do everything else on my phone or iPad calendar because it’s my work calendar too. Keeps it all together in one place for me. I’m also trying Notability app which has a ton of options.

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    1. For ,y appointments I love the phone calendar. And I have a running to do list. But for me, long range planning requires paper and pen. I like to see what’s in front of me, and feel it as I write!

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    1. It’s really finding the right planner…knowing your personality and what system works. I think everyone has a different way of dealing with crap


  7. I tried bullet journaling and it worked – for a while – but I believe too much valuable time got wasted in the set-up and I’m not arty enough to make it look beautiful. I’ve opened up a new tab to browse Plum Paper but am posting my thanks now as I may get lost over there for a while 😀

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    1. Love plum paper!! Bullet journaling didn’t work for me either. I love the look, I just don’t want to create the spreads! But I can get lost in Pinterest pictures of bullet spreads

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  8. I’ve been a planner girl for quite some time. Love the photos you posted. I’m using an Erin Condren at the moment, but thinking of going for the Living Well planner next time. Just got done doing a Coffee Monday blog post on how I organize my week. I swear by a good planner!

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  9. I also really think about what I need in a planner for what is going on in my life at the time, and if it minor improvements to existing planners would work before purchasing my planners! I can’t say it has gone wrong, yet 😉

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  10. Having scrolled through your blogs to find this one, I’ve been tempted to read & comment along the way. All I really wanted to say was – my new planner has arrived and even having had to pay more in customs duty than it cost, I love it! Thank you for the recommendation.

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