My life gets really busy in May.  So many school events.  So many social events.  So little time to do anything fun.  Luckily, I’ve had some time to read (much time spent on mass transit going to and fro) and I’ve been listening to an especially odd assortment of music. But here’s a wrap up of the past few weeks.

Comedy Cellar- Did make it to a stand up comedy show.  Though I don’t remember the name of any comic except for the MC Jim Tewes (I could totally be butchering that name), the show was filled with many bright spots.  Oddly, I liked the “smaller” acts better than the “headliners”. But so it goes.  I liked the line up because  there was limited vulgarity and not too much nasty.

What I Read:

  1. “Why Mommy Drinks” Gill Sims (if you’re a Mom and have a quirky sense of humor, must read.)
  2. “The Glitch”  Elisabeth Cohen (you know how much I love a tech taking over the world story)
  3.  “The Age of Innocence” Edith Wharton (book club)
  4. “My Ex-Life” Stephen McCauley
  5. “Shoe Addict’s Anonymous” Beth Harbison (came with my introverts retreat box)
  6. The Next Best Thing” Kristan Higgins
  7. “Two Steps Forward” Graeme Simison (may have told you this already)

My weird and wonderful Music playlist

  1. Tomb Raider soundtrack
  2. James Bay
  3. Courtney Barnett
  4. Hayley Kiyoko
  5. Jesse Saint John
  6. Julia Michaels
  7. Unknown Mortal Orchestra
  8. Ty Segall
  9. David Lang
  10. Julia Wolfe
  11. Kronos Quartet
  12. David Shire
  13. Bombino
  14. “The Middle” total ear worm


I may have done more, but it’s a blur…

Have a wonderful week!!!


19 thoughts on “My Week in Review

  1. For music check out The Piano Guys (on YouTube) .They do classical music that blends into modern. Like a piece by Racmoninov &Indiana Jones theme together. One play piano ,one plays chello. Their videos are quite something. They play it at Petra! They have others I really like too..
    So much that I bought 2 cds!

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    1. I really liked my ex life. I thought the two main characters were very well written and thought out. I didn’t lovevthevteen daughter though…too cliched, but her character was realistic given her relationship with her parents

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