As we near the end of the school year, life seems to fill up with all sorts of stupid things.Β  Hears to getting through the mire.

  1. I was finally cleared to get back to the gym this week
  2. Goldbonds neck and chest firming cream
  3. ritz crackers (seriously- I never buy them but picked up a box this week- family was so happy)
  4. making a quiche that my daughter loved
  5. summer books that are just fun to read
  6. new towels
  7. blister band aids
  8. finishing errands before the rain starts
  9. iced tea served with simple syrup
  10. being able to help a friend in need
  11. my mother in law lives about 10 states away
  12. Spotify play lists

39 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday 6/2

  1. 10 states? lol…. πŸ™‚

    I am DEEP in self pity and regret. And reflecting on my sis’s passing and my own life, I find everything in it so trivial, and, like you say, stupid. I worry about shit like clutter, kids emptying their sandy shoes in the house instead of outside the door 2 steps away, that kind of thing. None of it really matters in the grand scheme of things.

    Gratitude lists in words, typed, and posted, publicly, now there’s an idea! Maybe I will follow. I should, even it it’s just for me.

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  2. Your various end of school year related posts have had me reflecting on all three of my adult children’s many beginnings and endings. The last one graduated college some years back but I can still pull up so many firsts and lasts associated with all three. I think my gratitude saturday needs to be that I can STILL remember those moments, and appreciate just how easy they are to recall!

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  3. Glad to know it rains in New York also. In Florida, we get ready this time of the year for afternoon rains. I went for a walk with the pug this morning and it was muggy. I’m glad I had a cool house with a hot husband inside!!

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      1. Will get to you. I know the custard was 3 eggs, 1/2 cup sour cream and 1/2 cup heavy cream, and instead of pie crust you used shredded frozen hash browns. Will find for you!

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