This was my birthday week.  Yay.  This was a really easy week to be grateful.  I was surrounded by love, and there is really nothing better than that

  1. My Birthday
  2. grocery stores with a close proximity to my house
  3. 5$ Tuesday movies at AMC theaters
  4. Mille Crepe cake from Lady M
  5. my friends, whether they be from college, work, the neighborhood or blogging
  6. subscription boxes
  7. Teachers, and their ability to help students realize their dreams
  8. Nurses- it was nurse appreciation day- let’s remember them
  9. all those who took time out of their day to send me birthday wishes
  10. washing machines with extra large capacity
  11. surprises that are truly wonderful
  12. US Postal Service and UPS
  13. outdoor food markets
  14. birthday greetings, no matter how they are transmitted
  15. US News and World Report High School Rankings
  16. love

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