Today is my birthday!! So as part of my birthday present, my daughter has written today’s post!!

Here it is:

May 10th marks a very special day. On May 10th, Amerigo Vespucci left to discover the New World. Benjamin Franklin began his kite-flying experiment, Halley’s comet had its closest approach to earth, Winston Churchill succeeded Neville Chamberlain, Nelson Mandela became South Africa’s first black president, and, most importantly, the queen was born.

And by queen, I mean my mom.

In honor of her 16th birthday, here are sixteen things you may not know about my mom.

  1. Although I will not disclose her real age for various reasons (surprise, she isn’t 16), she would not care. She embraces her age and appreciates getting older. This confidence inspires me as I struggle to accept growing into my late teens.
  2. She is beautiful. While she may complain about her darker eyes or tired skin, there is an unmistakable glow. Every time she smiles, I am in awe.
  3. She is an amazing cook. As someone who cannot live without a recipe, my mom can scare me in the kitchen. She throws in a dash of salt, two spoons of this, two spoons of that-it’s crazy! However, it works. My favorite recipes are her classic mac and cheese and her homemade whipped cream. A must try!
  4. She always knows what to say. Whether I am sad, stressed, or excited, my mom can say the perfect thing. I don’t know how she does it.
  5. She works harder than anyone I know. She takes care of the house, the pets, and any issue that may arise. She works from six am to ten at night. Stay-at-home moms like mine are not to be taken for granted.
  6. She is the best person to care for you when you are sick. I am sorry to anyone who isn’t provided with her abundant care. She buys me the special brand of orange juice, the special brand of medicine, and sits with me for hours. When I am sick, she dedicates her whole life.
  7. Meanwhile, when my mom is sick, the entire house falls apart. We all wake up late, the house is messy, and we try to figure out how to cook: unsuccessfully. On the scary occasion when my mom is sick, I truly recognize how much she provides.
  8. She is willing to help me with anything. She helps choose my clothes to wear (including shoes and accessories) while also helping me study. She is the perfect person for me to recite my entire Law Team speech or the entire United States History curriculum.
  9. She goes out of her way to make sure I am okay. More than once has she come to my school in order to give me something I forgot at home. More than once has she went across the city to pick up an item that I needed in the next hour.
  10. She is tenacious. She gets what she wants and she won’t let anyone stop her. She taught me from an early age that extra-credit is not optional; when you work hard, prosperity will come. My determination and drive that teachers consistently note about me all derive from my mother.
  11. She taught me how to read: a skill that will last forever. For a recent AP Language assignment, I was asked to consider where reading originated in my life. The answer: my mother. Through my first book, Green Eggs and Ham, to our meaningful discussions about King Lear or Pride and Prejudice, my mom has always been my reading guide.
  12. My mom always encourages me to do my best and fulfil my potential. She supports all my achievements and continues to support me with all my failures. I persist because my mom allows me to.
  13.  She is competitive. Sometimes it is threatening, but usually it is exciting. Her competitive nature is evident on family game night or the annual corn maze. I love competing with her and against her.
  14. I sometimes think she is a magician. She always knows where to look for the shirt that’s been missing, she knows how to fix the bed so I can fall asleep, and when I was younger, she knew how to shoo the monsters away.
  15. A note to anyone who may be left- she loves her blog. Ever since she began blogging last year, I have watched her find herself and become more confident in her expression. Whoever you are, her blogging friends have made a significant impact on my mom’s life. For that, I thank you.
  16. My mom is the best. If you still don’t believe me, respond in the comments. I will defend this argument for the rest of my life. I may not always express my appreciation but I love my mom more than sixteen reasons can portray. She is my mom and she is perfect for me.

Happy birthday Mom. I don’t know where I would be if Amerigo Vespucci hadn’t left for the New World and I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t have you. Thank you for everything you do.

Here’s to another year of screaming, hugging, and passionate debates about British works of literature. Drink tea, have cake, and enjoy. You deserve it.


The Daughter

125 thoughts on “Guest Post- My Daughter Writes my Blog

  1. Loved it! I’m going to try and borrow this idea and see if my son will write a blog post for me on my birthday. Looks like you have a great relationship, you are so lucky, the world is becomming a better place for your efforts.

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