In the not so distant past, my blog friend Cynthia wrote about what she keeps in her purse.  I admit, I love seeing what people carry around with them.  I love to see what things people deem so important that they risk throwing out their back just so they can lug something around.  So here’s a little peak into my purse…

First off- I love a nice purse/pocketbook/whatever you want to call it.  I don’t have many, but what I own, i love.  My favorite is a little Longchamp bag I picked up in Paris about 25 years ago.  I also have a Michael Kors that I love.  Sidenote- I almost never brand name you- unless talking about purses.  There’s just something about a mid priced bag….

Secondly:  I clean out my purse almost every night.  I rarely have odd things in my bag.  I rarely have errant scraps of trash.  Now, before you go blaming my obsessive personality, it really is a matter of practicality.  I change bags on a daily basis, depending on what I’m doing that day.  Errands require a cross body bag that is lightweight.  A day spent taking pictures requires a different cross body bag. An indoor, afternoon excursion is an excuse for a small handheld purse.  A train ride requires a larger handheld purse.  I think you get the idea…

But anyway.  What is always in my purse?

  1. card case/key ring
  2. phone

What is usually in my purse:

  1. tissues
  2. lipstick
  3. lip balm
  4. hand cream
  5. lancome undereye roller
  6. extra key ring with mailbox key and gym id
  7. sunglasses
  8. small notebook
  9. pen
  10. mints
  11. water bottle
  12. ipod
  13. plastic bag (dog)
  14. umbrella

And there you go.  So, to play my new favorite game, what can you learn about me by the contents of my purse?  Are the things we carry indicative to our inner workings, or is it all just practical?

What does my purse say about me?IMG_0027.jpg

41 thoughts on “It’s in the Bag

  1. No comment. I don’t have a bag, so I can’t comment, right? All I can say is I have pockets to carry a wallet, keys, and cell phone. Never anymore except tissues if I’m sneezing or earphones if I have room and plan to listen to music.

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  2. I used to have a bag like yours, filled to the brim with every possible requirement. But I do have a fairly serious back problem, so the only heavy bag I carry is my camera one (black Billingham containing DSLR, anything up to 4-5 lenses, spare battery, spare memory card, various cloths, filters and the like, plus possibly a lightweight monopod). My everyday handbag is a mere 8x7x2 inches (Radley) and has room enough for card holder, change purse (which is ruthlessly emptied every day of shrapnel), asthma inhaler, tissues, car/house keys & smartphone – that’s it. I know a water bottle is a good idea but I avoid them except in very hot weather, as they just weigh me down. In the summer I wear sunglasses & they alternate with my reading glasses between on the top of my head, over my eyes or tucked into my cleavage. In hay fever season, I also tend to have carry anti-histamines & a remedy for itchy eyes. I went on holiday a couple of days after 9/11 and the airline required us to carry *everything* in tiny see-thru carrier bags. It taught me to hone down what I really needed and I’ve never looked back!

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    1. I’m usually one of those be prepared type people. It’s really cause I walk everywhere. I like to have things handy!! I’d love to be one of those people who carries nothing, but just not in the cars for me…

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  3. I love bags. And have too many. I do usually keep one going for a while and I like a big bag. I always have my wallet and tissues and lip gloss and mints. I use my purse as a shopping bag many days. I’ll throw whatever I’ve bought into my bag instead of putting it in a plastic bag or carrying another canvas tote. Last week I had two big containers of greek yogurt and a library book in there!

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    1. Bags are perfect! You always look good in them, and really, they don’t go out of style…they just become vintage, or retro. Yeah…I’m constantly throwing stuff in too! Though I’ve learned to be careful with greens…

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  4. I smile reading your blog as it resounds some familiar itinerary. You do look well-prepared for everything from a rain storm to offering someone a mint. I also clean out my pocketbook every day…not obsessive…just practical as you say …sometimes at work, I attach a purse to my belt buckles with my car keys, and a phone as I don’t have a locked drawer anywhere. I love your little notebook. That is the one thing I have been meaning to carry in case I have any good ideas. Picking a pocketbook for everyday is serious business though. I love my full-time pocketbook, also but for work I chose the attach to the belt and a canvas book bad I picked up in Korea years ago.

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    1. I don’t think people realize how much goes into choosing the perfect bag!! It needs to be practical, yet you want it to have a little personality!

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      1. Oh choosing the right bag is an art. I’ve been trying to teach it to my mother. But teaching + mothers is another story eh? I’m a great believer in a good bag. Like good shoes, it pays to invest in them. Few but better is my motto.

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  5. I don’t know what your purse says about you, other than you seem to be a reasonable, organized person. Last night I went out to dinner with a guy and I wanted to show him my glasses for some reason, and I had to carefully pull them out, praying to god that the tampon that had popped out of its wrapper didn’t emerge, dangling from the arm of my specs. Instead, fifteen receipts I never needed in the first place erupted and fell to the floor. What the hell does that say about me? LOL!

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  6. That you are almost as practical as I was when I was a college student & stagehand and had tools, food, school supplies, more tools, more food, and I can’t even remember what else in my purse.

    Also? The quality of your bags tops even mine! A Longchamp😍😍😍 I get it, though. I only have one bag in rotation at any time, and I make sure it’s a good quality one in the mid-3-figure range (brand is less important than durability & design, i.e. a hobo bag with one strap & a zip top that doesn’t open wide to allow proper digging is just not happening LOL)

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    1. Oh…I got that bag when the dollar was really strong. Exchange rate in my favor. Also, Longchamp in Paris is cheaper than states. Not a bargain, but I can pretend it was….

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  7. There is something about the word ‘purse’ that makes me think of grandma. I am not a grandma…I prefer the terminology ‘bag’.

    I wish I was more practical with my bags. I should really have duplicate things I use all the time in my two or three bags, rather than change everything over every time. Like glasses, kleenex and hand lotion times 2, then only switch keys and wallet.

    Or something. 🙂

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    1. I know. I have a bowl on the table in my entryway. At night I just take 3verything out of my bag and place it in bowl. In morning I choose bag. It’s just habit by now

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  8. I empty my purse every time I come home too. Sometimes, if I am just making deliveries of completed work or short stops at the post office or gas station, all I take with me are my wallet (which has a strap on it), cellphone (which fits into a pocket on the wallet) and my keys. If I know I am going to be doing more running around or shopping, I’ll use a bigger bag in whatever color matches my outfit and throw in some reusable bags (because in our part of California we have to bring our own shopping bags or pay for them) plus a small notebook and pen and my glasses in their case. If I’m going somewhere I know I’ll be waiting for a while (like taking my mom or hubby to the doctors) I’ll add a mystery crossword puzzle book I’ve been working on. If I’m going out with hubby, I have to bring a bigger bag to hold HIS glass case – LOL. Oh, almost forgot, gum! I have to have gum with me no matter what.

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  9. What does your purse say about you? I guess I think it says you are well prepared. I’ve always been jealous that men seem to have enough pockets to not ever need a purse.

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  10. Lol. I stopped changing bags after I kept misplacing and forgetting stuff. Same handbag for about one to two years. Then time for a change. You do NOT want to venture into that! I have found random toy cars and empty snack packets I didn’t recognise on the random clean outs *shudder*

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    1. Totally agree. Why waste battery? Plus…I’ve seen sooo many people crack their phones cause they drop it while working out…


  11. The inside of your bag resembles mine. ( :

    I think the contents of a pocketbook can reveal a lot about a woman’s personality. I believe mine says I like to be prepared, I’m an organized person and cleanliness is important to me, among other things.

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