Hi All.

Let’s give a little recap.  When last seen, I was suffering from a cold.  Now, I’m no a big fan of medicine, so the first few days I had the cold I tried to combat it with fluids and rest.

That didn’t work.  I got worse.

So I went on robitussin.  Two days, and I didn’t get better- I got worse.

Someone suggested Mucinex.  (FYI- these drugs are essentially the same thing) This didn’t work.  I got worse.

After 6 days of hacking cough I went to the Doctor.  Pneumonia.  Left lung.

All sorts of drugs.

I was knocked out.  Seriously, I can’t remember ever  being this sick.  Lethargic, cough, just yuck.

I finished the last of my antibiotics yesterday.  Hurray.  I still have a little cough.  My entire chest/ribcage area is sore from coughing.  Seriously- I’ve done workouts that have caused me less pain.

Needless to say I have not been witty or fun the past few weeks.  Obviously one can argue whether or not I was ever witty or fun…but I digress.

Today is my official get back on the blog horse.  I’m easing into this, so I know I have tons of comments and such to get through, but obviously there is a lot to catch up on!!

Onward and upward!!



93 thoughts on “So Where Were we…

      1. I was hoping and praying you were okay. You mentioned being sick and stopped posting when you had blog ideas until May 10th. I thought OMG, is she dead? How would we know?? Terrible thoughts I know. Although I’ve never met you, I consider you a friend. Glad to hear that you are on the mend.

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      2. Thank you! It started out as a cold, but then the pneumonia decided to jump in the picture. I was really out of it …very tired, just felt horrible! But I have to be careful to ease into things. My lungs are still compromised. I need another X-ray in two weeks

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    1. Thank you! Yeah….this is horrible. It really knocked me out. I’m still not even close to better but at least I can go without coughing for a bit!


      1. It was the fact that I wasn’t getting better. I normally recover really quickly from a cold. And I wasn5 getting better, I was# getting worse….I literally couldn’t talk without coughing. And I’m normally high energy, and I had absolutely no energy. I just wasn’t like my normal self at all!!

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      2. You are right, YOU are ALWAYS high energy in your posts, super talkative. I would be worried if I was sitting next to you and you didn’t say a word… it just wouldn’t be YOU!! SMILE A LITTLE! You are the come back KID!

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  1. I admit checking your blog every couple days wondering if i was missing your posts. when i found myself thinking about you at odd times, i sent you an e-mail, it’s weird, getting worried about someone i’ve never met, but i’ve always been weird. I’m glad you’re alright. You’ll find a message from me on your inbox too…. welcome back.

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  2. Welcome back. I was worried about you. Alternately, the good news is I thought what an interesting plot this might make for a fiction novel: blogger disappears, secret life hinted at. I thought maybe you were sending us a message, “honey.” I think I read too many crime stories. Take care of yourself with lots of liquids and rest.

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  3. Welcome back! I am new to the blogging world so glad you are back the “blog horse”. I had pneumonia. Terrible experience and now have the jab to keep it at bay 🙂

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      1. Thank you ! I am finding it strangely addictive and just hope I know what I am doing .It’s a whole new world !!😊

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  4. Pneumonia? Crikey!

    I’m sorry I missed missing you, but I was busy being self-absorbed over at my other blog where we were doing the A-Z blogging every day through April Challenge – and as it’s a fiction blog, each post was a new chapter in a continuous story which we were writing together, despite our different styles. So, yeah, sorry I missed missing you.

    But I am back … and I hope that you’ll start to feel back to normal again soon.

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      1. Thank you. I think the challenge did go well – surprisingly so to me, as I have a low opinion of my writerly abilities. So well that we’re going to develop it into a full length novel. And have ideas for follow-up books (yes, multiple!) Am both scared and excited 🙂

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