We start out with things from the previous week.  My weekend was a little packed, and I didn’t have time to update last Sunday’s post:

Pink- Prudential Center- great concert!!

“Incognito” my daughters high school play (she does lights and many things stage- the highlight for me was that in the program credits, she is listed above the drama club advisor.  Nice moment of remembering the people who help out off stage)

Metropolitan Museum of Art- we needed to revisit Thomas Cole: husband is a big fan of the Hudson River School and felt he didn’t get enough when we saw this show a few weeks ago

Now- to this week-

What I Listened to:

Moby “Everything was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt”

Joan Baez “Whistle Down the Wind”

Yo La Tengo “There’s a Riot Going on”

What I Watched:

  1. “The Unexpected Stranger” Players Theater- off-Broadway.  It’s an Agatha Christie play- do I need to say any more?

9 thoughts on “Week in Review

  1. Madonna came on the radio while we were driving the other day, and she remarked how much she hated the electronic sound of most of her music. I asked if she hated that particular sound or just Madonna? “Both,” she said. Then I pointed out that Moby has that sound. “Oh, I like him,” she said.


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